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How Much Land Does A Wolf Need? - Adventures in Scouting

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How Much Land Does A Wolf Need? - Adventures in Scouting

Post by Feros Ferio on Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:50 pm

Near the place where the Blacktalon have set up camp is a most unusual sight. Amongst the rolling hills and dales there is a circle of stones set up in a most unusual manner. They seem too large to have put there by any creature, but at the same time they are too unusually arranged to have occurred by natural means.

It certainly is a sight to behold, but the purpose of this place is impossible to determine. What is known, however, is that the scent of a pack lingers here, as though it were a terrain still occupied.
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Re: How Much Land Does A Wolf Need? - Adventures in Scouting

Post by Chance on Sat Oct 12, 2013 6:09 am

Since Marina had told him to come along with the scouting he had scurried off ahead of them to get away from the embarrassment. Getting whooped twice and having to be rescued by the female he wanted to protect had crushed whatever kind of ego Chance had had. He felt like more of a fool than usual. If only he had something he was actually good at. Maybe then he would be useful to the guild. Even the pups would grow up to be good warriors but what was he, not much more useful than another mouth to feed.

Chance came to a stop. Nothing was around as far as he could see. Hopefully the hunting party would be faring well. The male figured he could go for some food, even if he didn’t deserve it. Sitting down with a little huff, he stared at the ground. Closing his eyes he tried to shut out the world, he did so trying to take his mind of his failures.

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Re: How Much Land Does A Wolf Need? - Adventures in Scouting

Post by Mikazaru on Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:03 pm

Mika arrived after Chance, his head held low. he stared at the male and realized there was something wrong with him. the male didn’t really know what, however. He wished he could cheer up the wolf, but maybe Chance didn’t want to be cheered up at this moment.
But being one of the only few of the scouting party, Mikazaru felt quite alone here in the back of the group. Maybe talking to Chance right wasn’t that bad. He could try and cheer him up and it was a good way to let time pass by quicker. After all they had to wait for the others to arrive, too.

Mikazaru looked around him as he darted off towards the male. Around him where rolling hales and dales, green grass and a beautiful bright blue sky, and a yellowish sun. it was a beautiful day, only a few small clouds shoved past through the sky. Maybe this day wasn’t going to be that bad as Mikazaru had thought it would go. The black coated wolf had thought this was going to be one of those dangerous days with a lot of encounters, but everything seemed so peacefully. Mikazaru was glad he had gone with one of the two groups, instead of staying near the camp and take a look around for any dangers out there.

As he reached the male he sat down beside him, slightly behind him. Mikazaru smiled at Chance, hoping the wolf would see him. He didn’t expect to get a smile back, but at least he could try to get a smile on the male’s face.
‘’Hey Chance.’’, he said, wagging the tip of his tail. he eyed the male and went back to looking at their surroundings. ‘’Doesn’t this place look beautiful?’’
His amber eyes suddenly fell on something strange as he spoke, something he had never seen before; there were stones, huge stones, all stacked onto each other. Mikazaru blinked a few times, wondering if what he saw was real. The stones seemed to form some sort of a circle, but that was impossible, right?

‘’Wow, what is that? Do you see that, Chance? It looks so odd…’’, he mumbled and he got up, turning his whole body to the stones. He perked his ears, pulled them back and perked them again. He wanted to check it out to see what it was, but he felt quite scared because he didn’t know what to expect from it, and he had never seen such a thing before. ‘’Shall we check it out? I mean, I don’t really feel like going alone…’’

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Re: How Much Land Does A Wolf Need? - Adventures in Scouting

Post by Sponsored content

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