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Things are going pretty well for the wolves of Blacktalon. There are a few new recruits who have already proven their mettle by taking on the spring's first mission! With Tristan and Issy together at last, it seems that all is right in the world. Well, unless you're a male of Blacktalon. Bloomsday has never been a holiday that treated them well, favoring the gentler sex and allowing ladies to own the day.
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Current Missions
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"Tristan and Issy"
Participants: Marina, Chance, Chase, Mikazaru
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The Carnival Pack Empty The Carnival Pack

Post by TCP on Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:21 am

Chaos fell upon the land, leaving the two wolves that had falling in love so early to defend for themselves. As they shift every full moon, feeling the pain that happens only once to twice a month, they created their own pack. The two love birds have recently discovered they both share the same interest: The thrill of carnivals.

With balloons floating among the wolves, the scents of carnivals, the activities, the two leaders will lead their pack to find their own destiny, to find their own path, in this land. The choice is yours on what path you decide to take: will it be good, or will it be evil?

A New Pack
Centered around a unique land
An apocalyptic theme
Shifting every full moon that brings fun and activities
No activation for your account
Crazy members
Unorganized leaders
And the thrill of being something unique, something different

The Land of the Carnies

We aim not around argument, judgement, and pointless drama but something unified-honesty, freedom, and caring. TCP allows experienced to inexperienced members join with ought judgement and aims to help everyone. We are a mall pack that acts as one big family. Will you join us today?

Join the Carnies Today


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