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Gray Skies canine rp (All canines)

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Gray Skies canine rp (All canines) Empty Gray Skies canine rp (All canines)

Post by Lakota on Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:55 pm

Forum name: Gray Skies

Forum link: http://grayskies.forumotion.com/

Story: Gray skies is a fantasy canine role play based off of mutations,sickness, and mating. Its about how some dogs were infected by a sickness scientist called Chrome Darkness. These dogs became highly unstable and dangerous. They experienced side affects of mange and rabies. The scientist began experimenting and breeding these dogs. Yet only got somewhat mutated pups. They decided to work farther into the mutation to make the dogs fighting machines to help in war. So they injected DNA from other animals and also steroids. These dogs began breeding as well creating a large population that rebelled against the scientists. When they escaped and began killing everyone they also were breeding raising their population and the infected began infecting. And the mutated mated creating pups that were even more mutated. WILL YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT GETTING INFECTED OR SIMPLY PERISH LIKE THE OTHERS? find out at http://grayskies.forumotion.com/ and sign up for free today!

Also I am looking for a moderator to help me! We are also taking suggestions to make are site better! Once again check out and sign up at http://grayskies.forumotion.com/ see you there!


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