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Things are going pretty well for the wolves of Blacktalon. There are a few new recruits who have already proven their mettle by taking on the spring's first mission! With Tristan and Issy together at last, it seems that all is right in the world. Well, unless you're a male of Blacktalon. Bloomsday has never been a holiday that treated them well, favoring the gentler sex and allowing ladies to own the day.
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Current Missions
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"Tristan and Issy"
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Emmett The Strong

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Emmett The Strong Empty Emmett The Strong

Post by Jefferson on Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:06 am

Emmett The Strong 3532m2x
Emmett The Strong Black_wolf_walking_by_angelstock22-d5v92uj
[ N A M E ]
[ A G E ]
3 Years
[G E N D E R ]

[ D E S C R I P T I O N ]
Emmett is described as being very tall, very burly, and to those he doesn't know, very intimidating. Standing at 38", he was the tallest of his clan, towering over his sister Ally by nearly a foot. His strength gives him a rather filled out form, but he is not regarded as being overweight, just muscular. His height helps spread out his weight. He is described as very handsome with thick, dark brown hair that almost looks black. His eyes are of a glowing lemon yellow. He was physically strongest of the clan, but not the smartest. He has a few scars underlying his fur from when he was mauled by a bear when he was young.
[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Emmett is a naturally cheerful and childish character. He loves to laugh and make jokes, and would try to lighten up tense situations with his sense of humour. Unlike some of his family members, he never hesitates to speak his mind, which may make others very comfortable to be around him. He appears to be thoughtless, impatient, reckless, makes rash decisions and allow his instincts to take over, but also optimistic and never worries about things beyond his control.
He also has a competitive nature. He also displays no hesitation at the possibility of killing those to ensure safety for those he cares for. Despite his tendency to fight, he would sometimes willingly miss out on such an opportunity to protect those he loves. This also proves that he can be smarter than he usually seems.
Emmett is one of the youngest wolves in his clan, which is why the instincts are sometimes harder for him to resist. He does very well to resist his nature of killing just about anything. Despite being the most intimidating, Emmett is actually very loving and caring to his family.
During free time, he likes to be competitive with other wolves in sports and games, especially anything that involves a physical challenge. He will always bite at a chance to attack a bear after his history with them.
[ H I S T O R Y ]
This will come soon.

Emmett The Strong Black_wolf_lying_stock_by_angelstock22-d5vmsms

------ Character Stats ------
Intelligence: 2
Speed: 1
Strength: 7
Total: 10
-------- Talents List --------
{Warrior}, {Seer}

Emmett The Strong Wolf_pup_1_by_chocomix_stock-d5c9wot

Emmett The Strong 2mpizuo

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Emmett The Strong Empty Re: Emmett The Strong

Post by Jefferson on Tue Jul 09, 2013 2:06 am

[ please lock/delete this. i have it saved]

Posts : 53
Join date : 2013-06-30
Age : 25
Location : Wonderland

My Character
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Talents: Seer, Shadow
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