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Things are going pretty well for the wolves of Blacktalon. There are a few new recruits who have already proven their mettle by taking on the spring's first mission! With Tristan and Issy together at last, it seems that all is right in the world. Well, unless you're a male of Blacktalon. Bloomsday has never been a holiday that treated them well, favoring the gentler sex and allowing ladies to own the day.
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Current Missions
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"Tristan and Issy"
Participants: Marina, Chance, Chase, Mikazaru
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Roleplay Special Rules Empty Roleplay Special Rules

Post by Feros Ferio on Tue May 21, 2013 12:00 am

Any sexual act in the boards is discouraged. You may conduct such business over private messaging, or if there is enough interest, a board for explicit activity will be created

Wolves fight. For dominance, territory, mates, or simply because they don’t like you. When two wolves fight, the following factors determine the winner.

Higher strength score ( +1 advantage per point)
Possessing the Warrior Talent (+1 Advantage)
Being a Larger wolf (+1 advantage)
Recent injury or illness (-3 disadvantage)

In case two wolves are evenly matched, Speed will be taken into account (+1 advantage per point). If no winner is determined, an admin will make the final decision.

Sickness or Injury
Wolves get hurt and sick while hunting or exploring. However, in order to avoid abuse of injuries (such as when some sprains an ankle in order to get people to react to their character) injuries and sickness will have consequences.

If your wolf injures a limb (severe lesions, breaks or deep cuts such as those from a trap) they permanently lose 1 point to speed (or one from strength if they have no speed points). If your wolf becomes sick they lose 2 points to strength for one week.

Hazards and Threats
Only a site administrator can post serious hazards and threats to your wolves with an NPC account. You will never encounter other predators, wolves, floods, fires, or other life-threatening issues without an admin approving and posting. If you are interested in a hazard or threat, contact an admin and ask permission, detailing what you want and what to expect to happen, and if accepted the admin will post with an NPC account.

In the wild wolves who are injured, sick, or old do oftentimes die. No one will ever kill your character unless you allow it. If you choose to kill a character, you do not get to keep their ranks or privileges in the pack for a new character. You can, however, earn new ones. If a moderator or admin character dies, the site will be notified which character the admin powers will be switched to (it will be the same moderator/admin unless otherwise stated)
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