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Kias and Killian - Deadly Quotes

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Kias and Killian - Deadly Quotes

Post by Mikazaru on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:26 pm

Deadly quotes

Two shadowy figures traveled along a huge pine tree forest, the sun setting behind the horizon; a massive ball of fire.
If anyone told these two wolves a red sun would represent the end of the world, they would have believed it, as for these two wolves, life for the most part was coming to an end.

The two wolves, a white one with amber eyes and a reddish-brown one with dark brown eyes, were skin and bones,
and not likely to survive any longer.
Two brothers, chased off by their birth pack because the reddish brown male had challenged his own father,
only because he didn’t agree with their father’s statement.
The white male had blamed him for it, but had still tried to protect his brother. They hadn’t spoken a word about it ever since they had left their territory, no longer theirs.

But finally the mood was lightening between the two and the reddish male began to use his favorite quotes again to annoy his white coated brother.
‘’Hey Kias, the sun will always settle when we want it to,’’ he mumbled and he looked at his brother walking next to him.
As he stared his eyes were dull and his face expressionless, still there was shown a slight grin on his face, barely visible.
‘’What does that mean?’’, the white male named Kias mumbled, not talking a single glance at his brother while he walked beside him. The way he said the next words made it almost sound like he was close to snapping at the reddish male
‘’Stop your useless talk and keep your eyes peeled for food instead.’’
‘’The sun is almost settled today, this means one of us is soon going to die.’’
‘’Oh haha, very funny, brother.’’

The two came to a stop, scanning the area as the sun finally disappeared behind the horizon, leaving the two brothers in the dark. The sky went from different shades of red and purple to more and more blue with each minute,
becoming dark blue and eventually black on its, rather, ‘crawling’ way.
‘’Killian, I think we should stay here, we should rest.’’, Kias said to his brother, huffing at the upcoming moon and the stars as he flicked his fluffy tail in annoyance, a slight steaks of grey on the tip of it.
‘’Nah, we should keep on going. After all The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step[/color]*[color=Grey].’’, Killian said as he glanced at his brother, this grin on his face finally visible for his white brother to see.
‘’Oh, you with your quotes. You know, if these quotes would really help us, I would love to listen to them all day,
sadly they’re mostly all about death, and I’ve become rather annoyed with them by now.’’
‘’I know, that’s what I do it for. And why can’t you just accept that I love death-poetry?’’
‘’It’s not poetry, it are quotes.’’
‘’Quotes are poetry too, Kias.’’

Silence again for a brief moment as they stared up at the rising moon and the appearing stars.
Kias only realized then he had been holding his breath for so long. He blew it out, making it end into a huge sigh.
‘’We really should rest, I’m starving and exhausted.’’, he finally mumbled, but he didn’t take a glance at his reddish-brown brother Killian, who was murmuring something to himself while moving his ears around. His nose moved, picking up scents, as his eyes drifted off to something far in the distance.
In his dark brown irises was a glow of awareness. ‘’Brother?’’
‘’There’s food close by, I can smell it.’’, Killian mumbled and he looked at his brother for a moment,
then back at the horizon where he first had stared. ‘’Are you coming?’’
‘’Sure!’’, Kias said excited and he wagged his tail, his pink tongue rolling out of his mouth. There was a sparkle of hope in his amber eyes and he was drooling all the way the two brothers ran, craving for the food they had smelled.
They entered the pine tree forest they had long walking along, never entered before, but now they were inside,
swallowed by its massive darkness of dark green needles, looking even darker in the night.

There they reached an open area and their noses immediately got greeted by the scent of flesh and blood.
But also the scent of something else. The two brothers couldn’t quite figure out this new scent. Killian wasn’t sure about it, and gave Kias a short glance, worry in his eyes.
‘’That scent… is it safe?’’
‘’It sure is! After all it is food, and we haven’t eaten for so long!’’, Kias said and he ran over to the prey they had found;
a dead cow elk, still a youngling, laying there on the ground. It’s eyes were dull and open and one of his legs was moved into a strange angle, seeming to be broken.
There was a huge wound on the young elk’s side, ribs and other bones sticking out of the flesh. It was a horrible sight,
but such a nice looking dinner for two starving wolves.

Killian didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know this scent, so it made him worry about his brother’s health as the white wolf, Kias, was sniffing the prey in front of him. The scent was nor close to death, nor close to aliveness, but it didn’t smell good. Killian realized that even though they were both starving to death, he was still the only sane one to see the danger in front of them.
He had to keep his brother from eating it in any way, even though that meant he had to say words that would mostly would cause his brother to rip him apart.
‘’Kias, I love you like a fat kid loves cake!**’’
Kias turned around with a frown on his face, his jaws already opened and ready to sink his teeth into the elk’s flesh.
But when he stared at Killian, his lips turned into a snarl and his sharp teeth became visible, sparkling in the moonlight.
Oh, how much he hated his brother Killian to use annoying quotes against him!
‘’Stop talking this nonsense! Let me eat, and take a bite yourself! Or do you want to starve to death?’’, he snarled and his turned his head again to stare down at the prey.

He began to dig in, ripping off pieces of meat and swallowing them down his throat, not even realizing chewing would be better. Because if he had chewed, he would have tasted the most horrible flavor…
‘’There’s more in life than only food! Drop the meat!’’


…An hour of eating the meat for himself, an hour of walking on straight ahead while his starving brother was meters behind him, very quiet compared to what he used to be like only two hours ago. Kias had felt wonderful, he had felt satisfied,
but now his stomach was hurting, hurting like it had never hurt before.
He couldn’t keep on walking like this. He collapsed, sinking through his own paws, which only a few hours ago still could hold him up. He lay there, panting and groaning at that terrible pain that teased him, bullied him.
His brother ended up next to him, staring down at him, but still Kias didn’t want to apologize for not listening to his own flesh and blood brother, who might be even be better of at that moment.
Killian stared down at him, his ears were pinned back, but there was no expression on his face, neither a slight glimpse of fear or sadness in his dark brown eyes. It was like he didn’t even care about his brother being in pain.
And he shared his thoughts with him.
‘’Karma can sometimes be truly awful, but it’s good to be paid back for once.’’
Kias realized what Killian meant. Kias had once pushed his brother in the water when they were young,
called him many things, like fat, or chubby. But he had never known karma, as his brother called it, could strike back this hard.
‘’J-joker…’’, Kias muttered at Killian as he spit out blood, a sign that he was close to death. His brother had warned him for eating the meat, but he hadn’t listened and now he was dying. But still, he hated his brother, he hated everything about him. He was fat, he was chubby, he was ugly!
‘’A joker can have a nice side and be a joker, but a dark side can appear once it’s hurt, or just seeking for revenge. Though, I’m not taking revenge.’’, Killian mumbled to his brother as Kias slowly drifted off, his amber eyes narrowing and slowly closing. ‘’Now sleep.’’
Only pure darkness.

*Lao Tzu
**Scott Adams

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