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Kias and Killian - Unsatisfied Hunt

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Kias and Killian - Unsatisfied Hunt

Post by Mikazaru on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:27 pm

Unsatisfied Hunt

Growls representing hunger; barks telling any followers to walk in their footsteps, if there would be followers, for it were only two males looking for food. Two brothers, walking beside each other.
A white male with amber eyes, following a more… fat-looking male; reddish-brown fur with dark brown eyes. Both showing their teeth, their lips curled in a snarl in annoyance.
The white male’s tail swept angry as he ran, the slight grey tail tip barely visible as it moved back and forth behind his sleek body with speed.
‘’I think they’re close.’’, the reddish male called, not looking back at his brother who was running next to him, not far away from him, panting.

The dark green pine tree forest was even darker at night, and especially with no moon lighting up the surroundings, nor any stars to guide these wolves on their quest for food.
‘’We never had to disperse, I already hate it to do the most important job around here.’’, the white male yelled at his brother, who snorted in sarcasm and amusement.
‘’And you call me lazy and fat?’’, he responded, letting out a high-pitched, sarcastic laughter, not yet high-pitched enough to be close to a hyena’s laugh.
His brother didn’t reply to his joke, only snorted in annoyance. Then it became silent between the two wolves for a long moment, as they continued walking through the forest, their eyes peeled for any preys they could catch.

They reached the hunting grounds, for what they called it. the scent of elk lingering in the air, the two brothers came to a stop and licked their lips by the sight of the grazing herd.
They laid down on their stomachs, hiding in the green-yellowish grass. Their eyes shot to the left, to the right and back, searching for the weakest or sickest elk.
They spotted an elk on the side, at the edge of the herd; it limped as it walked across the field. That was the prey the two brothers were looking for.
‘’Alright Kias, let’s go…’’, the reddish male said, calling for his brother who was hiding next to him in the grass.

But just as the two wanted to take their chance, the herd sudden began to move, their hooves making the ground tremble slightly. And they weren’t even quite running yet, the way they moved more seemed like hopping, like they were not yet ready to run, or just trying to find their speed.
‘’Oh no! Killian, they’re leaving! How come!?’’, Kias said to his brother. ‘’We go after them?’’
The reddish-brown male called Killian snorted angrily as he watched the herd move out. He muttered: ‘’I think it was the wind… Our scent; we are in the wrong spot.’’
Killian then started to run, yelling a ‘’Let’s go!’’ before sprinting after the herd. His brother Kias followed him quickly and yelled after him: ‘’So they smelled us?’’
Killian didn’t answer his question. Not that he didn’t want to, but his mind was somewhere else at the moment. He growled annoyed as he went after this herd.
Then his eyes shot to the right to see an elk on the side of the herd, leaving his group, probably out of confusion or panic. It was the wounded, weak elk that had been limping, and that was chosen by these two wolves to serve as their dinner for today.

The two brothers kept on running after the wounded elk in a steady walk, which seemed like a ritual march; Killian in the front and Kias right behind him, stepping in his paws steps. Both were panting in a steady rhythm to keep them from getting tired too soon, or falling behind on their prey.
They kept on waling like this until for a long while, until the elk was close enough, and tired enough, to reach with a quick sprint.
While still breathing in a steady rhythm, Killian turned his head to look at his brother who was not too far behind him. He spoke, his eyes not being taken off of him.
‘’Brother, we’re ready to take it down, or at least to try it. let’s go for a sprint!’’, he said and a nod came from the white male running in his paw steps: ‘’Right behind you, Ki!’’

Killian began to take the sprint, going after the wounded elk. But just when he wanted to clamp his jaws around the broken leg of the animal, a hoof came toward his head. Killian could just avoid it in time, but the jump to the side made him fall behind, giving the elk a chance to feel once more.
Kias passed him and went in for an attack, to atone Killian’s failed attempt. He avoided another kick from the elk, that was getting more and more tired, and clamped his jaws around the broken leg, chewing on it.
But the elk was still pretty fast and Kias couldn’t keep holding on for long. His jaws began to hurt as the elk sort of dragged him across the road it took and after a minute or so Kias had to let go. He opened his jaws and stumbled, rolling over a few times before coming to a stop.
Killian almost stumbled over his own brother, but managed to jump over him just in time. He stopped and turned around to make sure Kias was fine, but the response he got for that was an annoyed growl.
‘’What are you doing? Don’t stop and get it!’’, he yelled and Killian nodded, turning back to the elk. He went back to his steady sprint, hoping for the elk to slow down because of the pain Kias had caused in its leg.

Kias got back up behind him, and before Killian realized Kias had already passed him again with great speed. It almost looked like his sleek paws didn’t touch the ground as he ran. But of course, he was much faster than Killian because Killian was sort of fat.
‘’Hurry up!’’, Kias yelled at him and Killian snorted.
‘’Make sure you don’t fall again, you clumsy soft-bone!’’
‘’Yeah, you always ‘break’ your bones!’’
This waspish fight between brothers kept on going for a while, until the exchanging of words caused them to get low on oxygen and they had to slow their pace. They both stopped, Kias in the front and Killian not too far behind him.
Both their heads were lowered and their tongues rolled out of their mouths, trying to get rid of the most of the heat that triggered their body into giving up.

They stood there for a long while, panting, and watched the wounded elk getting away. It survived the wolves’ attack, only because these two often fought each other with words. If these two had worked together, they would sure have hunted the animal down.
But too bad, that wasn’t going to happen today.
‘’Oh great, it fled and now we’re going to starve. Great job, fatty!’’, Kias muttered in anger without glancing at his big-sized brother. Killian flicked his tail in annoyance and stared at his brother for a moment before speaking one of his quotes again: ‘’Well, if food has legs, be sure to remember it can run.’’

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