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Kias and Killian - Unpleasant confrontation

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Kias and Killian - Unpleasant confrontation

Post by Mikazaru on Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:31 pm



the two brothers who were known as Kias and Killian, walked down a sandy path in a huge pine tree forest. The sleek white male called Kias, with amber eyes and a slight grey tail tip, was in the back; his head lowered and his eyes fixated on the ground as he walked.
His older and a lot more… stout brother who was a reddish-brown male with dark brown eyes walked in the front. His fluffy tail swept back and forth as he walked. Compared to his white coated brother, Killian kept his head high. His dark eyes shot around whith each step he took, his legs looked shorter compared to the size of his body, which made the male look quite stubby.
Which was why his brother Kias had many immoral names for him; Stubby, Fatty, Oversized, Sir Corpulent, etc.

‘’How long will we keep on walking? I’m getting sick of moving my paws so much…’’, Kias complained, not even looking up from the ground. He began to walk much slower and with slow, hard steps to get some compassion from his brother.
But as always between these brothers, that brother-love relationship was hard to find.
‘’Stop complaining and move your hind. We cannot risk getting too far behind. As I like to say: If you are always saying I'll do it to tomorrow, than your tomorrow will than turn into another day and so on, and so, etc. etc.*’’
‘’And what is that supposed to mean, compared to me being exhausted?’’, Kias muttered in agitation. He came to a stop and pretended to pant to get his brother to stop as well. However, Killian didn’t stop walking, so Kias soon was forced to follow in his paw steps again after letting out an agitated groan first.
‘’Well,’’ Killian said as he put his paws upon a fallen tree that was blocking their way. With a short groan, because of his size, he pushed himself onto it, jumping back off again on the other side. ‘’if we are going to stop walking for this evening, tomorrow we will stop as well. We can’t risk to fall behind, as I said before.’’

‘’Risk to fall behind on what? Who? We are not following anyone if that’s what you’re talking about. We’re on our own now.’’, Kias said to his brother as he put his paws on the tree as well. Because he was sleek, he was able to get on and off the fallen tree’s trunk again much quicker. He ended up even pretty close behind his brother after jumping off.
Killian looked behind him, an annoyed look in his eyes, while Kias grinned at him in delight; delight of being able to name his brother stupid names again because he has a reason to. ‘’You’re becoming a lot faster with that tree-jumping of yours, brother. Lost weight?’’
‘’Does this soft-boned imbecile care?’’, Killian stroke back just as hard, making Kias growl at him angrily. ‘’What? You are a soft-bone; you always tend to break your bones when miss-stepping.’’
‘’When did I ever miss-step?’’, Kias groaned. All of a sudden he bumped with his head into his brother’s hind, groaning even louder. ‘’Why did you stop, Sir Oversized? Is your weight making your paws give up or something?’’
‘’Sssh…’’, Killian mumbled and Kias looked confused at him, frowned as his white fluffy tail swept around in annoyance. ‘’I smell prey.’’
‘’Where?’’, Kias asked, lifting his head. His tail dropped and he started to drool, listening to his own stomach grumbling, begging for a meal.
‘’Not too far away. Follow me.’’, the reddish-brown male spoke and he started to run, running quite fast for a big sized wolf. His white coated brother quickly dashed after him, but keeping up on Killian was a much harder task than he had thought.
Never had Killian been this eager to get something to much on.

The two siblings reached an open area in the pine tree forest. This area was pretty big, but seemed so small compared to the whole sea of trees. Just looking up at the dark sky, filled with stars, you could already feel completely lost, even when you knew every possible path to walk in here.
The two males stepped into the area, staying close to each other. The scent of blood and death lingered in the air but had mixed with a more ‘living’ scent. The two wolves stood in front of a grey coated wolf that had dark amber eyes
In his jaws the candid held a dead bird, a crow. He held it firmly between his jaws as he glared at the two brothers. Once he realized he had two of the same kind keeping an eye on him, he backed off a few steps, still not letting go of the bird.
‘’Give us that bird, we’re starving.’’, Kias said and Killian growled softly at his brother, giving him a warning.
‘’It’s not ours, so you should at least ask it nicely.’’
‘’Come on, Fatty, we’re with the two of us, he’s on his own. We can easily bring him down and take the food for ourselves.’’
‘’That would be stealing, Kias.’’
‘’Who cares? I at least don’t care.’’

The grey male didn’t seem to like the idea of giving up his food. He did drop it, but he didn’t take any steps away from it. He even stepped almost on top of it, the dead bird between his front paws to keep it protected from his two confronters.
Kias kept his head directed at Killian, but his amber eyes shot to the grey wolf as he insulted his brother with mean nicknames again.
‘’Hey! Do you guys keep on fighting or are you actually willing to take me on for this meal?’’, the grey wolf said, his dark amber eyes expressionless. They went from Kias to Killian and back. he raised his tail as a warning and pulled his ears back, his back arched as he did so.
His eyes stayed on Kias as the white male made his first step toward the grey wolf’s kill. The stranger let out a growl and curled his lips into a snarl, revealing sharp yellow teeth.
‘’I thought you wanted us to confront you.’’, Kias said jokingly, letting out a short laughter, though his eyes held a dead serious look in them. ‘’Give it to us now.’’
‘’Why do you want it so badly? I did my best to catch it, that wasn’t easy. Also, it’s not even enough for one wolf. How can you guys feed both on it when I even think it’s not enough to eat?’’, the male muttered and Kias growled at him, now lifting his tail as well, the small grey tip high in the air.
‘’We don’t care. Food is food. Give it to us!’’, Kias yelled. Killian let out a growl and ran behind Kias, making the grey male jump back in surprise. But the stranger soon took a few steps forward to his prey when he saw Killian pinned down his own brother.
‘’What are you doing!?’’, the white male said as he tried to squirm out underneath the oversized wolf. The reddish male didn’t move but kept his jaws firmly about his sibling’s neck, pushing him to the ground. He was anything but strong, but his weight was his key to winning from his brother’s. ‘’Get off of me Sir Oversized!’’

The grey male kept looking at the show, his tail had already lowered as he watched the scene of the two brothers wrestling.
‘’Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love!**’’, Killian yelled as he finally let go off Kias’ scruff. The grey male realized he had almost missed a great chance of avoiding a fight on his own.
He bend down to grab the bird. Firmly clamped between his jaws he took a last glance at the two brothers before he turned around and ran off, disappearing into the forest.
Kias finally got out underneath his brother and got back on his feet. He was a bit dazed as he glared around the open area. When he realized the grey wolf was gone, together with the prey, he groaned furiously.
‘’Darn it Fatty! Why did you let him escape!?’’

*Victoria Addino
**Mahatma Gandhi

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