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Marina Adelaide O'Hearn Empty Marina Adelaide O'Hearn

Post by Marina on Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:24 pm

Full name:

Marina Adelaide O'Hearn


 She is perfectly content to be called by any of these names.


She is every bit a lady


four years old


 33% European wolf, 33% Belgian shepherd, 33% German shorthaired pointer.

Marina Adelaide O'Hearn Freckl10
Hey guys, I can't do linearts! Can you tell?

Build and Coat

Marina is of average size, though perhaps a bit on the short side of the spectrum. She may be slim, but she has such a puffy coat you wouldn't notice it. Her legs are gracefully sturdy (if such a thing is possible) and her head is rather rounded, giving her a cute, girlish look. Her tail is thick and very plumy; she occasionally uses it to intimidate.


Marina is a very beautiful wolf, and her fur is no exception. Her base coat is a rich auburn that shines blonde in some lighting. Her paws, rump, and face are splashed with white - these white markings are dotted with speckles of the same auburn. Her eyes are a deep, almost royal blue, and they are usually sparkling.


Marina, despite four entire years of living, has yet to mar her perfect complexion.

Marina Adelaide O'Hearn Hurrr10
 Yep... Still can't do them.


 Marina's a bright, friendly lass most of the time, but she does tend to have wild mood swings. Her attitude can vary from cheery to indignant to frightened in the space of 30 seconds, and it often does. When she's anxious in any way, she will cover it up with insane-sounding laughter and loud, ditzy rambling; this often causes wolves who are unused to her to grow uncomfortable.
 Marina is quite the feminist, and gets outraged at any sexist opinion. She is very ladylike, but won't hesitate to compete with the males or get completely filthy. When she isn't haranguing about women's rights or babbling in poorly-concealed terror, Marina is very happy and rarely thinks bad about anyone. She's a romantic soul - a bit of chivalry or a good story are some of her favorite things.


Marina's father was a no-good stray dog, who disappeared as quickly as he had won over her mother's heart. Adelaide, her ma and her namesake, managed to make a decent living by scavenging around villages and small cities, and was able to give her three children a decent living.
 Marina as a pup lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle, usually hanging around one human area for a few months before wandering to the next (the pup's dog-like pelts made them far less conspicuous at the edges of human towns.)  She spent her early days pampering her younger brother - the only male of the family - and studying the habits of humans. She was the first to disperse and decided to wander, a thing she did successfully for almost a year. Then she met Seamus. Quirky, silly, and as crazy as her, the pair quickly fell in love and spent months roaming the countryside at will, taking on anything that dared cross their path. The two planned to settle down, once they found the most beautiful spot in the world.
 They never made it; Seamus died during an ill-planned river crossing. In her mind, Marina has moved on; although she will always have a big place in her heart for Seamus, she doesn't let her loss impact her life in any way. Or so she claims.


Adelaide Mother (alive)
Caroline Sister (alive)
Ainle "Champ" Brother (alive)
Seamus Mate (deceased)


 Marina has a very slight Irish accent, but oddly enough she will use American slang and is not particularly fond of her homeland. She will always stop to listen when human music is playing, especially if fiddles are involved. She has trouble falling asleep due to her PTSD and often has nightmares or hallucinations about Seamus' vengeful ghost.


Marina is afraid of very few things. She can handle being close to humans - she even has a quiet fondness of them - and she has little problem with going hungry. Her bright attitude makes her a joy to be around, at least most of the time. Despite the self-invented fear she lives in, she's very optimistic and is hard to depress. She also refuses to let females be devalued in any way. WOMEN'S RIGHTS TODAY


 She isn't particularly strong. At all. Also, there is the matter of her PTSD that started after Seamus died and she blamed herself. This causes her mood swings and also very vivid hallucinations, in which Seamus' ghost startles her, threatens to kill her, or otherwise wreaks havoc on her nerves. It gets very distressing after awhile.
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