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Things are going pretty well for the wolves of Blacktalon. There are a few new recruits who have already proven their mettle by taking on the spring's first mission! With Tristan and Issy together at last, it seems that all is right in the world. Well, unless you're a male of Blacktalon. Bloomsday has never been a holiday that treated them well, favoring the gentler sex and allowing ladies to own the day.
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Current Missions
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"Tristan and Issy"
Participants: Marina, Chance, Chase, Mikazaru
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Post by Feros Ferio on Tue May 21, 2013 12:06 am


The Lehrling is also known as an apprentice in the guild. All new members start as Lehrlinge, regardless of age. The lifestyle of the Blacktalon is a very different one than most wolves know, and must be learned like one learns a skill. Wolves who are green to the life of travel and the lack of structure are considered students of it, and those who have been around longer their teachers. Lehrlinge rarely remain in this rank for long, but merely have to prove themselves to the rest of the Guild through acts of valor, skill, and “chivalry.”

(Plural: Gesellen)

Gesellen have become accustomed to the life of the Guild, and even seem to have flourished in it. They often help out the Lehrlinge in learning the ropes, remembering that they were there not too long ago. The duties of the Gesellen vary based on their abilities - some hunt, some scout, some are muscle, and others are thinkers and herbalists. Those who show great potential and leadership don’t stay in this rank forever, however, many are content to live out their days with the Guild without ever achieving Meistership.

(Plurar: Meisters)

Meisters are the closest thing the Guild has to leadership. They are considered the best at what they do, and are born leaders. At any time the Guild may have one or two Meisters active, while at others upwards of a dozen. Meisters have no real difference in task or duty when compared to Gesellen, but what differentiates them is the sense of respect one has for the other. When a Meister and a Geselle quarrel, the Geselle typically defers.

Special Ranks

Special ranks are typically earned after a great deal of effort or incredible valor. Many in the pack gain a nickname after a time, and if you earn this as your rank, consider yourself highly esteemed. You’ll probably be the only wolf ever to earn your particular special rank in the pack! Your special rank is added alongside your regular one. For example, Agro is known as "The Bloody Bard" as well as a Meister in the pack.


An NPC is a non-playable character. These are creatures, oftentimes wolves, who interact with the pack members, but are not among actual members of the pack. An NPC helps move a story along, offers assistance if it is needed, or even sometimes needs a little rescuing.

A Special Event is something that changes the roleplay. This includes enemies, such as bears or cougars, as well as freak storms, strange sights in the territory, or sickness. Only an NPC/Special Event account can bring about these sorts of events.

This rank also denotes an admin account, so if you need to contact an administrator, look for this rank.
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