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Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

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Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

Post by Mikazaru on Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:33 pm

New story time, as I sort of stopped writing that fanfiction for the Guild... I just couldn't get ideas for that but still I felt bored because I didn't do anything. So yeah, here's a new story of mine. I've used good old Wikipedia, a series on TV about Siberia and two DVDs about wolves someone gave me as a gift.


Wonders of Siberia
To Lake Baikal


Siberia, a region in Russia, a big part of it a federal district. In summers this is a beautiful place, with different landscapes; steppes, grasslands, pine tree forests, birch forest, mountains, polar region, Siberia is known for its varying sceneries.
During the winter it can get colder than -60 °C, which the mountain tops covered in snow and ice, just as the lakes and the forest below. In spring these terrible temperatures rise again and young animals get born. Trees will get their leaves again, and flowers will bloom.
When summer arrives the temperatures can rise even higher, more than 30 °C. During the evening fog will surround the rivers, lakes and forests. Once autumn has begun, leaves are getting different colors of brown, just before they let go of their branches. In this time of the year a few animals who have their hibernation will go search for food so they can survive the next winter.

Siberia has, besides the different sceneries, also a lot of different species of animals.
In Siberia there can be found Siberian Wapitis, Siberian Ibexes, grizzly bears, elk, wild boar, deer, chipmunks, lynxes and seagulls and freshwater seals in the Baikal lake, one of the most popular lakes in Siberia. But of course, there are much more animals to name. One of these special animals we’re going to talk about are the wolves.

The wolf (Canis lupus) is a mammal that is a member of the canidae family. The wolf is a carnivore, which means their diet exists out of meat. This mammal is also known as the ancestor of the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris), the human’s ‘best friend’.
The fleshy diet of these animals exist out of different kind of prey. Wolves often hunt prey like elk, deer and wild boar, but they also hunt small creatures like mice and hares, or birds, and much more other creatures. Sometimes when there’s no meat around, wolves also tend to eat fish.

Wolves have a head-body length from 1m to 1,5m and their tail can be 30 to 50cm long. The shoulder height of this mammal can be 65cm up to 80cm long.
Female wolves appear 10% smaller compared to males when it comes to body size, and so to weight. A male wolf can weigh between 20 to 80kg, while the average weigh a female is 18kg, up to 50kg.
A wolf’s teeth exist out of forty-two teeth, the canines of this animal are sharp, strong and around 2,5cm long. With these teeth wolves can bite through an elk’s leg bone with one strong, single bite.
Wolves don’t chew their food but use their teeth to rip off the flesh, to swallow it in pieces.

The most common color of a wolf’s coat is brown with different shades of grey and with white or creamy colors around the snout and on the chest, going down the belly.
But wolves’ coats can vary from white or black to a blond color, to even different shades of reddish-brown, depending on the species of the wolf, or where the wolf lives.
A wolf’s fur is long during the winter, to protect the animal from the cold. This way these creatures can survive terrible temperatures from lower than -40 °C During spring and summer they lose most of their long hairs because of the rising temperatures.

Wolves are awake around the day and evening, but sometimes end up hunting during the night as well. They can travel up to 50 or 60km a day, sometimes even more when it’s about a dispersal wolf.
Wolves are adults when they reach the age of two years old, some wolves around this age leave their birth pack to search for their own mate, to start their own pack.
A pack of wolves mostly exists put of a male and female, the dominant pair. The other wolves that live in the same pack are their (adult) offspring, but sometimes stranger wolves are accepted into these packs as well. A pack can have five or six wolves, but there also have been packs that existed out of more than twenty wolves. Wolves can have a litter from three to six pups.
A packs’ territory can be around the 200km², up to 2000km², but there have also been territories around which were even larger.

The wolf we’re going to track down is a male European wolf (Canis lupus lupus) from the age of two. He has a sleek body with a short, rough coat and pointy ears. his legs are long and ‘twiggy’, making the male look taller than he actually is.
His coat is a light russet color with streaks of grey on his back, on his side and on his neck going to the top of his head. There’s some dark grey on his tailtip as well. Around his muzzle there’s a cream color. This same color goes down his chest, along his belly. His eyes are a caramel brown.
This male European wolf is a dispersal; he left his birth pack to look for his own territory and mate, so he could start his own pack.
This male is known as Sibír, Russian for Siberia, as this is the land where the wolf was born and still lives.

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Re: Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

Post by Mikazaru on Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:39 pm

So much to write, omg! Here's chapter 1 already as I got sucked up in a massive writing mood! ;D
Chapter 2 is also done, and I'm gonna post it as soon as possible, as well!
Yay for writing moods!


Chapter 1

‘’Argh… where oh where does this river ever end?’’, a two years old male muttered to himself as he walked past a huge, terribly long river. The European wolf never stopped walking, but kept on going in a steady pace, his head low and his ears perked. He tried to stay calm, but being on his own for the first time made him feel rather lonely, and scared. So he stayed alert most of his journey.
The male glanced at the massive river as he walked along the edge, his caramel colored eyes studying the small grey rocks in the middle, the fish that jumped up and appeared above the surface now and then.
Everything seemed peaceful around and in the river that was known as Ob, one of the largest rivers in Siberia. So why should the male still feel worried? He wasn’t even sure himself.

The male, known as Sibír, had not long ago left his birth pack, a pack around six to eight wolves, which was a pretty large pack. This wolf preferred quiet and calm places, with not too many creatures being around him. That’s why, at the age of two, he had left his old territory to search for his own.
Sibír stopped for a moment to catch his breath as he glared at the river. His tail at first a bit lifted, now it was lowering, hanging there behind his sleek body. He moved his ears as he watched, trying to locate any suspicious sounds. How calm he even appeared, he could never become completely sure about a huge place like this. Especially not when he was on his own, no one to watch his back, no one to hunt with.
He should have taken someone with him, maybe one of his brothers, because Ubur had decided to disperse as well. But he had left already before Sibír had a chance to say their family goodbye, as well.

How much Sibír wanted to stay here for a while and take a rest, think of his old pack and daydream some more, he knew there was no time for wasting any moment. He had to get past the river Ob, the Yenisei river and the Angara river. After all his main goal was to reach Lake Baikal, the biggest freshwater lake in Siberia.
His birth pack had told him many stories about how huge and beautiful this lake was, and how the lake contained 20% of all freshwater in the whole world.
That lake was just the right place for a pack to start and grow bigger. There was enough fresh water and food for a pack to live and feed from. If Sibír could start a pack of his own there, his new family would never grow hungry, or die from hydration.

The European wolf gave the river Ob a last, long glance before turning around and walking across the edge again. His paws hurt on the small boulders, but the male didn’t mind. With his russet colored coat, covered in streaks of grey, he continued to walk there.
After all, whenever he needed a drink, he would only have to turn his head to the left and make a few steps that way. He would never lose this river out of sight, as it was very important to this wolf’s route-planning.
When it came to food, yeah, that was a different story. Of course the meals Sibír needed stayed hidden in the pine tree forests meters away from the river. They barely came out of the darkness to take a drink. And if they did, the wolf would have a hard time catching these creatures, as he now roamed an open area.
He could easily be seen by his prey. This way the predator became prey itself.

Sibír knew he needed to move towards the forest, because there was were wolves actually belonged; hidden in the darkness, in the sea of dark green. And that was another reason why this European wolf preferred to stay near the edge of this huge river; different wolf packs lived in that dark forest, and this male didn’t want to encounter any of them.
He was on his own, so entering a pack’s territory would cause him trouble. Maybe they would even kill him if he stayed around longer, and refused to leave, or kept returning. So why heal the wounds from a mistake while you could prevent that mistake?
This has always been Sibír; calm, quiet and aware of his surroundings and the possible mistakes he could make. He knew every single way to survive, and he would use them.
Stay close to the water, try to catch some fish when there’s no common prey around and try to avoid bears who are fishing or eating from a carcass. You never want to end up being hurt by those sharp claws.

As Sibír moved past the Ob, his paws hurting on the light grey colored boulders, his worst fear of this journey had become reality; there in front of him, meters away, stood a brownish figure. It loomed over a deer carcass as it ate from the prey, just next to the river Ob.
How much Sibír wanted to avoid the eating figure, he knew there was no chance in doing that, as the wolf wanted to stay near the fresh water of the river. But this creature was near the water as well, and Sibír doubted this creature was going to move out of the way for him.
The mammal looked dangerous, but not bigger than a wolf, so Sibír guessed it was a member of the canidae family just like himself. But of course, the European wolf already knew, as the scent of the creature had betrayed him, telling Sibír the figure’s species.
Why be scared of your own kind when he… or she, was alone? Just like you?

The adult came into action, his head lowered again, but his ears still perked. He was going to pass this hungry wolf, but he stayed alert constantly. The creature was a wolf, just like him, but his scent was odd; it was not an European wolf like him, or a common gray wolf. It was a total unknown breed to Sibír.
Sibír came close, carefully, but yet in a steady pace. He was nervous about this encounter but he wasn’t going to let it show.
He reached the stranger, which was now in a clear view, and stood around a meter or two away from him, stopping in his tracks. He moved his ears and nose to catch the wolf’s sounds and scents. Observing the creature like a master, because that was the best thing Sibír was capable of; observing.
The stranger looked up at him, pulling his lips back into a snarl. His teeth were yellowish and looked nasty. For a moment the dispersal wolf thought he couldn’t even smell his horrible scenting breath. But of course that was just his own thoughts. However, the stranger’s teeth looked besides yellowish, really sharp and dangerous as well.

‘’Halt, you Canis lupus lupus!’’, the wolf muttered at him and he stared right into the European wolf’s caramel brown eyes. Sibír took the chance of this stranger looking up to observe him even better.
It was a male wolf that appeared bigger than Sibír himself, with a long thick coat. His fur was a light brown color, with streaks of darker brown running through it. there were even streaks of white in his brownish fur. The male’s eyes were an oak brown color, a color Sibír quite hated as it looked kind of nasty compared with the wolf’s nice looking coat color.
But what caught Sibír’s for a longer while as he observed this stranger, was the brown colored collar around the wolf’s neck. There was a small grayish box attached to it, with something long sticking out of it.
Sibír knew this was done by the Two-Legs; always experimenting with wild creatures, for their own ‘research’ so they could ‘help’ the species. In that case it wasn’t quite strange that this wolf breed was unknown to Sibír, as this wolf seemed to be brought here from another area.
The European mammal found it actually pretty sad for this male; he was taken away from his home area, brought to another place to be tracked down by Two-Legs. And why? Because Two-Legs liked experiments.
They called it Science.

‘’Hello there. I’m just passing by, nothing to worry about. I’m not here to steal your food, although I would like something to eat…’’, Sibír answered the angered male as he came a step closer, carefully.
‘’Don’t you dare come closer!’’, the strange wolf snarled, staring right into Sibír’s eyes. ‘’What are you doing so close near my ground? Hunting our game? Stay away from our borders.’’
‘’Waits, there’s a svóra here?’’, Sibír asked. He knew there had been a pack close by. But this close hadn’t come to his mind. He suddenly could feel the numerous eyes of different wolves upon him, from the forest. They were hidden in the dark sea of green, but Sibír was sure he could see their eyes. He just realized how close he stood to their dominant male.
Yes, this was the dominant male. ‘’I’m sorry for intruding, I didn’t know your sem’já was this close…’’, the European wolf mumbled, pulling back his ears in a submissive way. ‘’I will be on my way right now.’’
‘’Good, my name is Canada, dominant male of this pack, what you Siberian wolves call svóra, and I prefer not to have any intruders near my family.’’
The male called Canada kept his eyes on the European wolf as Sibír made his way past the brownish wolf. He had just passed the male when Sibír stopped again to think for a moment. He turned his head to face the dominant wolf, just to simply ask a question.
‘’What is your species name? I was just wondering because I’ve never seen your wolf breed around here.’’
‘’Canis lupus hudsonicus. Now scram!’’, the wolf said and Sibír nodded. As he walked off, numerous eyes still laid upon him, he processed the name the wolf called Canada had given him. Canis lupus hudsonicus; Hudson Bay wolf. A wolf you would find near the Hudson Bay in Canada.

Russian dictionary
Svóra (plural svóra): pack
Sem'já (plural sem'já)

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Re: Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

Post by Mikazaru on Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:41 pm

Chapter 2!
Oh my... I feel so ashamed of smapping you guys with this story in only a few minutes difference. Bad me!
Enjoy! 8D


Chapter 2

Sibír still padded alongside the huge river Ob. He had long lifted his head because there seemed to be no wolf packs around this place, making him feel much more comfortable. His ears were less perked than before when he had met Canada, a dominant male of a pack that lived in one of the forests near Ob. Now that that pack was out of sight, out of mind, Sibír felt a lot better traveling so far away from home.
He had followed the Ob for a while now, and felt like crossing it. this had been his intention ever since he started this journey, but since he had left his old territory he hadn’t come across a good spot to cross this river yet. And he didn’t dare to swim across because there was a heavy stream; if he tried to swim even with all his strength, he still wouldn’t be able to reach the other side. He was going to be dragged away by the strong stream if he tried.

It was a very hot summer day, and the sky was bright blue. There were a few white, puffy clouds above the mammal, shoving past. But they were far away from the bright yellow sun to block its sunbeams from reaching the earth. This way there was no shadow around the open area that ran all the way down next to the river Ob. The heat was unbearable to the poor European wolf, but Sibír had no choice; he had to keep near the water. If he kept on following this river, he would find Lake Baikal easier.
If he could cross somewhere on a safe spot, he would find another river called the Angara river. One of these few, massive rivers that would lead him to his goal; Lake Baikal.
The male had never had a goal in his life, but now being a dispersal, freed from the crowded pack’s life, there was no other choice than to make this so called Lake Baikal his new home. At least, he had heard that there were less wolves there, and he preferred a smaller pack of his own over all those huge wolf packs existing out of six or more wolves. That was just unbearable to him.

And to make it even more worse, flies were whirling around the wolf’s face, trying to land on his muzzle, nose and head. The mammal groaned in irritation as he looked up at the little black bugs. He blew air at them and sneezes once they tried to crawl up into his nostrils. he shook his head angrily and swept with his tail a few times before muttering under his breath: ‘’Disgusting little creatures… Go annoy another wolf…’’
He knew growling wouldn’t scare away these bugs, because flies knew wolves weren’t fast enough to catch them. And flies were also pretty small and they would taste horrible, so a wolf wouldn’t even try to destroy them with his teeth. It was no use, the male was stuck with these little creatures.
Sibír had become pretty tired of the long traveling and decided to stop for a moment and take another look at the river Ob. He even felt like drinking before returning to his long journey to Lake Baikal. He padded over to the water and bend down his head to lick up the water with his pink colored tongue.

The water of river Ob was fresh and tasted delicious. Sibír just now realized how thirsty he had been. The mammal had been so focused on following this river that he hadn’t taken any chance to drink some water for a whole day.
With refreshing his mouth, new energy came back and the adult wolf felt like getting back to his long day traveling. However, the male wasn’t really quite in the mood for moving anymore. Even when it was far away from dusk, the male felt like camping here for the rest of the day. He would get back to traveling when dusk would close in, which would be in three or five hours. Enough time to catch his breath.
As the male laid down next to the river, his paws dipping in the water, he looked up at the mountains far away on the other side of the amazingly big river. The mountains were massive and the dark brown tops were covered in clouds. The clouds there were grayish and Sibír saw some blurry flashes going on there, so it was probably raining.
Now and then an cloud lighted up in a blueish color, sometimes mixed with a bit purple; it was thundering up in those high hills.
How much these mountains were found beautiful by Sibír, the European wolf was glad that he didn’t live in the mountains. weather up there was harsh, and often closing in. Sibír couldn’t believe there were actually wolf packs living up there in the hills. He just found it all pretty odd.

Sibír heard some strange buzzing around him and he looked at his side, on the grey boulders, to see strange little creatures moving around. It appeared to be bugs, brown colored bugs with wings.
The wolf tried to ignore the little things, but there seemed to be coming more and more. They all landed on the light grey boulders, around the European wolf. The wolf felt even more irritated now that other bugs were hanging around him, trying to climb on top of him with their tiny, numerous legs.
Sibír got up and shook off a few of these bugs. As much as he wanted to stay, these creatures wouldn’t let him, as they kept whirling and flying around him, annoying him in any possible way.
‘’Of course, it’s summer…’’, the male muttered, sweeping his tail at the brown bugs. Always during the hot summer days these bugs came to the edge of the rivers to lay their eggs.
And with these creatures camping here, grizzly bears came to enjoy these delicious little snacks. At least, it were snacks to these massive mammals. The wolf perked his ears after a few minutes to hear roaring noises coming from behind him, out of the pine tree forest.

He turned around to see a grizzly bear was indeed coming towards the river Ob, to nom on these bugs. Probably this male bear had been around this place many times before, knowing these bugs roamed this place during summer.
If Sibír didn’t want to cause himself any trouble, he needed to leave right now. Grizzlies and wolves never really could hang out together, so the male was sure this bear wasn’t going to tolerate him around his little snacks.
So even when it was not yet dusk, the wolf already moved on again. The bear looked at him as he walked away and made some growling noises, making a few quick paces towards the wolf, half hopping.
This way of moving was alarming enough for russet colored animal to actually make him run off from the bear, while he kept on looking back at the big creature, keeping his eyes on the massive bear.

As the European wolf ran alongside the Ob, continuing the river on his journey, all these brown bugs that had landed on the boulders flew up. They were all startled by the russet coated wolf that ran past them, and even crushed a few of them with his big paws.
The brown bugs that flew all around him reminded Sibír of brown birds. But these bugs were much smaller, with much more and even more annoying than those brown birds, to Sibír known as sparrows.
Thinking about birds made his wolf feel rather hungry, as he came to realize that he hadn’t eaten for more than a week already. He really needed some meat to fill up his stomach if he wanted to really make it to Lake Baikal. But of course real meat wasn’t able to be found here, unless he came across a hunted down animal, a left carcass.
But for now he had to run, to get as far as possible from any dangerous encounters like these grizzly bears. On his own he could never challenge such big mammals for anything to eat. He had to find company, another wolf.

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Re: Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

Post by Mikazaru on Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:35 pm

Chapter 3, weeeeee~
And we meet the Himalyan wolf Calanthe, a character from vanger on WolfQuest. c:


Chapter 3

A three years old female hid in the dark green woods, her coat was a golden-cream color, her eyes a dark yellow, close to grey. There where streaks of grey going through her golden colored coat, just as on her forehead. There was a little bit of white around the sides of her muzzle and underneath her muzzle.
She was very lanky build, for a female wolf. Still with her lanky build and her very odd looking coat color she could still blend in greatly with the dark green sea of trees around her.
The female quickly ran through the area, it almost looked like she was flying as her paws barely touched the ground. There was no time to rest for this beautiful she-wolf. Food needed to be found and quickly, if she wanted to live.
Because she hadn’t eaten in days.

The female was a Himalayan wolf, Canis lupus himalayensis, and she was called Calanthe. She was a breed that didn’t belong to the district Siberia, still she had found this place in a very… oddly way.
Calanthe didn’t complain though; she had soon learned to adapt to the new climate. She could take very hot summers up to 30 °C and she had already survived the cold winters of Siberia, going even lower than -60 °C. there was nothing in Siberia this female couldn’t handle. She still missed her old home in the Himalayas however, but who would care anyway.
For she was all alone, and had never really interacted with the wolves that lived here. Not that she didn’t want to, but the packs in this area weren’t very hostile and easily shove her aside or chased her off.

The female stopped for a moment and sniffed the sandy ground, checking if there was any food around. The light green grass tickled the female’s nose and she sneezed, before turning back to smelling for any scents, again.
There seemed to be no food in a radius of 300 meters, which meant she had to travel further. As he continued on her journey without a destiny, she came to a stop once more to perk her ears; she heard water streaming. A lot of water.
Was there a river nearby? Probably the river Ob she had heard about when she was spying on the wolf packs roaming this forest. Many packs went to that river to drink or catch fish when there was no lake or smaller river found near their territory.
With no water or food found in the last two days, Calanthe went the direction of the sound of streaming water, licking her dry noise and muzzle.

As she moved further through the forest, she came to realize that this river was not in this forest, but outside. The forest already became much more open; there were less trees the further she went. When the sound of water was more clear, the Himalayan wolf suddenly smelled a familiar scent; the scent of another wolf.
She didn’t know this wolf, but it felt good to have another wolf around. And this wolf seemed to be alone as no other scents were found, just like herself. Calanthe wondered if this wolf, a male, was more hostile than those other packs she had met.
She decided to howl to see if this wolf answered her. if he did, he was probably seeking for company as well.
Calanthe howled. She lifted her head, bringing it up to the sky. She pulled back her ears as her jaws widened and opened her mouth. A long taking sound that was meant as a greeting, for long distance communication.
The female lowered her head again as she had stopped howling, waiting for a response from this stranger wolf. She perked her; there was a response!
A very long howl came her way. It sounded rather dreadful though, but this female wasn’t going to be distracted by that. Whatever if this male sounded dreadful, he responded to her! He was probably just tired or agitated, or hungry just like her.

She ran all the way until the forest around her disappeared and turned into an open area, a grassland with short, light green grass. In front of her appeared the Ob, a massive river with fresh water. Once she reached the water, the grass she had been running on turned into some light brown sand, which felt soft and loose to her paws. Then the sand turned into light grey colored boulders all off a sudden and this felt much less pleasant to the female’s paws.
But Calanthe didn’t care; there was water here and fish she could catch! She was thirsty and hungry that she immediately went to take a drink. She didn’t realize the male wolf she had called a few minutes before was standing behind her, observing her.
When she pulled up her head and looked at her reflection in the water, she started pawing at the fish that tried to swim upstream, and passed her on their way. She tried to catch the ones close near the edge as she snapped at them with her sharp teeth. But every try she did on catching them failed; these creatures were much faster than she had thought.

‘’Mind if I help, lady?’’, a sudden voice came form behind her, startling Calanthe. She quickly turned around to face the wolf. As she recognized his scent, her muscles got less tense. She calmed down and perked her ears again, which she had pulled back when she got startled by this male.
It was an European wolf, a common wolf here in Siberia. Calanthe groaned at this; she had met so many wolf packs with European wolves that she was becoming quite sick of the species. They were all pretty sleek, and most had pretty short and rough coats, they weren’t really handsome in Calanthe’s eyes.
‘’You don’t scare a female like that by sneaking up behind them, Canis lupus lupus.’’, The Himalayan wolf spoke, an annoyed look in her eyes. ‘’State your name.’’
‘’Woah, don’t be so agitated miss, I just want to help. But my name is Sibír.’’, the European wolf spoke. He didn’t take his eyes off Calanthe as he spoke to her, but neither did his expression change to anything as he said something. It was like he didn’t care about a wolf being around him. it was like he didn’t even care that she was a stranger wolf. He just approached her and didn’t seem unsure around her at all.
‘’It’s not miss but Calanthe.’’, the Himalayan wolf said and she turned around to look back at her reflection in the water of Ob. ‘’If you want to help catch some food, go ahead. Just don’t splash my coat wet.’’

The male nodded and stood beside her. As they snapped at the passing fish to catch some of them, the European wolf looked at her and continued to speak, trying to start a conversation with the female wolf.
‘’What’s your breed’s name? you’re not from around here I assume?’’, he asked and Calanthe nodded at him. She had already forgotten his name, but after a few seconds of thinking, she remembered this male was called Sibír. An actual name for a wolf from Siberia.
‘’Canis lupus himalayensis.’’, the female spoke softly. She knew for sure this so called Sibír was going to ask more questions, as he seemed like a pretty curious wolf. He was probably wondering how she had come here. She decided to answer the question before it was even asked ‘’It’s a long story how I got here though. Let’s say Two-Legs were involved, but I’ve lived here long enough to adapt myself to this place, so I don’t want any pity from you.’’
‘’I won’t show any pity.’’, the male answered, rather flatly, and he brought his head to the water to catch a fish. The salmon was splashing in air, trying to escape from Sibír jaws. Calanthe could only watch as he dropped the fish on the ground and killed it by pressing his paws on the creature’s head. Calanthe wasn’t impressed though. Not even when Sibír dropped the fish in front of her. ‘’Here you go, Cal.’’
‘’Name’s Calanthe, but thanks, Sibír.’’, the golden coated female spoke as she bend her head to eat the salmon Sibír had caught for her.
‘’I know but I just like to call you that way. It’s way easier to pronounce.’’
A weak smile appeared on his face as he said this, looking down at her.

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Re: Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

Post by Mikazaru on Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:18 pm

Finally here's chapter 4. Got a bit lazy with writing lately, but I finally got around to finish this one. Here's a new character introduced, with kind of a hard name to remember. xD
Character is from Varien! 8D
Or, known as Darkness20 or Darkness/Darkie on WolfQuest. c:


Chapter 4

Sibír and Calanthe were still on their way, walking past the river Ob. Sibír walked in the ground, his head held low, as Calanthe walked in his paw steps. Her head was held high and her ears were constantly perked.
The female was alert, keeping an eye out on the massive river on their left and anything dangerous that could come across them in the distance. However, everything seemed quite peaceful now that dusk was slowly closing in on the Siberian landscapes.
The brown bugs which had annoyed Sibír so much before were now almost gone. There were still a few bears eating the last bugs as a late snack, some of them already turning around to find a place to sleep in the dark green forest.

Above the two wolves the sky had turned from a light blue into a mix of colors; around the horizon orange, red and yellow. When your eyes went up the sky became a lot darker blue above those wonderful colors.
But that wasn’t the only thing that was quite impressive about a summer evening in Siberia. All around the pine tree forest, the mountains, the river Ob and the creatures living there appeared a light grey colored fog, surrounding everything. It was almost like all those trees were being swallowed up by this fog. And the sound of the wind blowing through trees you couldn’t see, compared with the ‘invisible’ streaming water made the open clearing pretty much creepy.
But, this didn’t bother the two wolves, who didn’t even stop to take a brief moment to take in their surrounding’s sounds and colors.

‘’Pffft, I can’t see anything. If I don’t want to bump into one of those stupid fat bears I will have to use my nose…’’, Sibír muttered with hid head now lifted. He perked his ears, trying to locate any sounds (probably of roaming bears). He didn’t take a glance back at the Himalayan wolf as he spoke, his nose now high in the air as well to catch some usable scents. ‘’I really begin to wonder when we find a good place to cross this river.’’
‘’I can’t see anything either, but that doesn’t mean we’re in any trouble.’’, Calanthe mumbled. She sounded a little bit irritated but her expression didn’t really make anything out of it. After she finished her sentence she bumped with her nose into the russet colored European wolf, who had just stopped walking. ‘’Watch out…!’’
‘’I didn’t say we’re in trouble.’’, Sibír said rather flat with his eyes narrowed in irritation ‘’We just need to keep our eyes peeled and our noses and ears open for any scents and sounds.’’
He swept his tail in Calanthe’s face just to let her know she was too close. ‘’Now, I think we should stay here for the night. With these warm temperatures more fog will appear, and this way we will never be able to see what’s around us.’’

‘’Who says you’re in charge, mister?’’, the golden coated wolf responded, letting out a snort before shaking her head, pushing Sibír’s fluffy tail out of her face. She started to walk beside him, preventing to bump into him again.
‘’Well, I guess you don’t even know where we’re going. And I have a destiny. I have a place I’m going to.’’, the European wolf said, his caramel colored eyes now directed at the golden female with the grey markings walking next to him.
Calanthe stopped and tilted her head a bit to the side, staring at the male. Sibír now stopped as well, his tail flicking a little as he waited for this Himalayan wolf to catch up with him.
‘’Then where are you planning on going?’’, she asked him, slowly getting right beside him again. Sibír blinked his eyes rapidly as he started at the fog around them, before responding: ‘’Well, I’ve been planning to move out to Lake Baikal, a huge fresh water lake at Siberian’s and Russia’s borders. It’s in the south of this land, just on the edge. I’ve heard there was a lot of food to be found there, and it was pretty quiet. And I like a quiet place as I got quite fed up with my birth pack being crowded.’’
‘’I see…’’, Calanthe responded. She flicked her ears for a moment and smelled the air before turning back to look at Sibír. ‘’So when following you, I’m actually going to Lake Baikal as-’’

A loud, hoarse cry came from the pine tree forest on the right, a howl from another wolf. It startled the two companions for a second, making their bodies freeze for a moment as they stared at the direction the howl came from. But all they could see was light grey colored fog, thick fog covering the whole forest. The only things you could see were some tree tops hidden in darkness and a little bit of the sky’s beautiful colors.
‘’What the heck was that for mutant-like scream?’’, Calanthe asked, being the first to have come back to reality. Sibír stared at her, letting out a snort before starting to walk again. Calanthe followed him quickly, but kept her eyes focused on the tree tops of the forest, which were almost not seen. ‘’Aren’t we going to take a look?’’
‘’Why should we?’’
‘’It’s probably a solitaire wolf, nothing big to worry about.’’
‘’I’m going to look.’’, the female said, her dark yellow eyes blinking a few times. Almost like a ghost she quickly ran off to the forest, her cream-colored coat with streaks of golden and grey getting surrounded by the fog, swallowed up.

The Iberian wolf howled once more, waiting for a response from any other wolves being around this area. No answer seemed to come, but this male, a Canis lupus signatus, was sure he had heard voices and smelled scents of other wolves not too far away from him.
The big, muscled wolf had his ears pulled back. there was a sad expression in his yellow eyes, revealing hints of orange in them. He was lost and he knew it. perking his rounded ears he tried to find any sounds that could possibly lead him to some other wolves.
He couldn’t see a thing in this thick fog. He had worried about his brown-reddish color with markings of darker brown to be discovered in this fog, but this white stuff was thicker than he had actually thought in the beginning.
He suddenly heard a wolf, a male, call out another wolves’ name. It scared him, and his ears were pulled back even more, he started to whimper slightly as he took a few steps back. just when he wanted to turn around and flee, feeling overwhelmed by the sudden voices of other wolves, these wolves appeared right in front of him.

At first he couldn’t see them, but he definitely could hear and smell them. Once they were around two or three meters away from them, he finally could see a faint glimpse of them, two figures, which soon turned into two wolves. A male and a female.
But when those wolves finally appeared in his sight, the Iberian wolf knew it was already too late to flee from the scene.
‘’Hey! You there!’’, the female said. She was a cream-colored coat with streaks of golden and grey on it. he couldn’t really see her eyes, but they seemed to be a dark color, yet still close to some kind of yellow.
The male behind her who was staring at him had a russet colored coat, which seemed much darker in the evening and the thick fog surrounding the wolf. This male also had streaks of grey all over his body, but especially on his back and on his sides. There was grey as well on his neck, going to the top of his head. A creamy color was around his muzzle, going dwon his chest ad belly. But what caught the Iberian wolf’s attention were this male’s sparkling eyes. They were a light brown color, close to caramel.
‘’W-what? Me?’’, the male asked as the two wolves approached him, their eyes focused on him. The brown wolf with streaks of darker brown wasn’t sure what to do, or what to say. He was afraid this European wolf and this female what-was-her-breed-again would attack him.

‘’I’ve seen your breed before. Well, heard of it.’’, the European wolf said, taking his eyes not off this scared wolf for even a single second. ‘’You’re a Canis lupus signatus, right?’’
‘’Y-yes, I am…’’, the Iberian wolf mumbled, stuttering, as he glared at the male and the female. They seemed to travel together, but the wolf wasn’t sure if these two wolves had already met each other long ago or were traveling together just since today.
‘’What’s your name?’’, the male asked again. It was like the female had nothing to say at all. She stared at him with narrowed eyes.
‘’I-I’m Plenilunio… I came all the way from Spain to search for a new home…’’, the Iberian wolf mumbled. He still wasn’t sure about these two wolves, but he felt a little bit more comfortable around them.
‘’I’m Calanthe, and this is Sibír.’’, the female finally spoke, her muzzle pointed at the male standing next to her. Plenilunio nodded at her words as he eyed the two wolves one by one.
‘’Alright, nice to meet you.’’

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Re: Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

Post by Mikazaru on Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:15 pm

So many thanks for commenting and liking this story, guys!
As you might know, I'm still accepting character for those who want to post one. c;
Just ask for the form and I will give it to you. :p

I've been quite lazy lately, but finally here's chapter 5. Or chapter 4 and 5, for the ones who haven't read chapter 4 yet.
Oh my, I really should write more often because I begin to love writing this story while at first it had no particular meaning to me. xD

Anyway, enjoy chapter 5. c:


Chapter 5

‘’So, Canis lupus signatus, why aren’t you telling us anything about yourself?’’, the cream coated female called Calanthe asked as she looked behind her. There was a slight smile on her face, but it didn’t really seem like she was smiling at the shivering Iberian wolf who was following the two.
He had already followed them for over two days, and he had not yet spoken a word to them. All he had done was watching them, and listening to their conversations. That had been all he had been doing. And now and then he had been eating the leftovers from the hares the two wolves had caught.
He only used these two as his servants. At least, that was how this male’s presence felt to these two companions.
‘’It’s Plenilunio…’’, the brown coated male with streaks of darker brown through his fur spoke as he looked at Calanthe. He stopped and lowered his head a little, not taking his eyes off of the female. Yet you could see the fear in his yellow eyes with hints of orange, which he felt for these two wolves.
There was no denying he was scared of these two. Then why did he still follow them around?

‘’Why are you following us when all you do is eat our meal’s scraps? You should scavenge somewhere else.’’, Calanthe said coldly as she tried to look Plenilunio in the eyes. However, the male automatically turned his head away from the female Himalayan wolf.
‘’I’m just seeking for company, that’s all…’’
‘’Well, if you want your company, you should start taking action and help us hunting sometime.’’, the female muttered, she gave the male Plenilunio a nasty look. ‘’Well?’’
‘’Y-yes…’’, Plenilunio stuttered, lifting his eyes. ‘’But please, don’t be too hard on me… I’m not that much of the social type…’’
‘’What was your name again?’’, the russet colored Sibír asked as he kept his eyes on their stalker. He hadn’t said a word the whole day, but was now trying to take over the conversation these two were having, just to save the poor Plenilunio.
‘’I’m… I’m Plenilunio.’’, the Iberian wolf said as he looked at the European wolf. He perked his ears slightly as he spoke. It was certain he felt more comfortable around Sibír than around Calanthe.
‘’Plenilunio…’’, Sibír mumbled and he seemed to think for a moment. ‘’That’s not an easy name. let’s call you Plen for now. you’re fine with that?’’
‘’Um… yes. That’s fine…’’

It had become afternoon and sun shone bright in the blue sky. The fresh water of the river Ob was streaming peacefully, fighting the salmon that tried to swim upstream, as always. Sibír wondered if there was ever anything else these fish could think of. It made him wonder if he too was like a salmon, thinking of only one thing, only one goal to reach, which was actually not even worth reaching…
He shook his head, waving away the thought, and continued his journey. He could feel the presence of Calanthe and Plenilunio behind him, even when they weren’t saying a thing.
There were no prey, no predators, it was only these three wolves. For the first time to Sibír Siberia was a calm and peaceful place. A perfect place to live.
However, he wasn’t done with his journey yet, he still had to reach Lake Baikal, which was going to be even more safe and peaceful than any of these other places in Siberia. He was certain it was.

The three wolves suddenly stopped; there were roaring sounds coming from the dark green pine tree forest on their right, which just as the river Ob never seemed to end, seemed to stretch out of whole Siberia.
Sibír knew exactly to which animal this roaring belonged; wild boar. Pig-like creatures that lived in the forests. When Sibír was young, these creatures were the most favorite food to his birth pack.
Sibír licked his lips and his fluffy tail started to wag. He turned his head to look at Calanthe and Plenilunio. The two were not sure about these roaring sounds and gave Sibír a confused look. After all, the European wolf was a common wolf breed in Siberia, so they guessed Sibír knew what was going on.
‘’Wild boar.’’, the male said, like someone had already asked him what it was. The two standing behind him looked at each other with confusion, then nodded as they looked back at the Canis lupus lupus.
‘’Never seen those creatures before. Can we eat them?’’, Plenilunio asked and Sibír laughed. Calanthe wasn’t too happy about the male’s question, though, and gave him a strange look.
‘’Well duh, I guess we can eat them… Sibír?’’

‘’You’ve really never seen wild boar before?’’, Sibír asked and Calanthe snorted.
‘’We’ve not been around here as long as you have. I thought you would know that.’’, she responded, flicking her tail a bit in annoyance, like an irritated cat. ‘’Shall we go and hunt them? I’m pretty hungry, and it seems like a good idea since I’ve never seen a wild boar before. I really wanna see one.’’
‘’Alright then, let’s hunt together.’’, Sibír said and a huge smile appeared across his face. This was a good chance for Plenilunio to make himself useful to this small group of wolves. And it could even create a greater bond between the three wolves.
The other two nodded and all three set off to go to the forest, standing there all mighty on their right sides. How much Sibír wanted to stay near the Ob, he knew once in a while they needed better food than only salmons. Because eating salmons all the time wasn’t very good for them. ‘’Just stay together. we should make sure we don’t go too far, I don’t want to lose Ob out of sight.’’
‘’Ob?’’, Plenilunio asked, for sure confused about Sibír naming someone he had never heard of before. Or something.
‘’The river behind us.’’, the russet coated male responded to him, taking a short glance back at the Iberian wolf. After that one second his caramel colored eyes went back to the road.
The male could already smell the wild boar; they were close.

The two males and the female entered the sea of dark green, and once covered by shadows they made a run for it, going deeper into the forest. some pine trees held the scent of wolves, so there probably lived a pack close by. The European wolf hoped they wouldn’t encounter any of these wolves who lived here. They had to make sure to stay away from their borders, or else they could end up in deep trouble.
However, trouble wasn’t going to come their way, as the scent of wild boar suddenly filled the air. The three wolves hot behind a few pine trees, staying out of the wind so the boars wouldn’t smell them.
There were many of them, six to be exact; there were two adults and two younger ones, probably they were still yearlings, or just still kids. The last two however really seemed to be born during this spring or winter, as they were still pretty small. These two would make an easy target.
But, they were small, so it would not be enough meat to fill the stomach of three wolves at the same time. they had to make a split decision in what boar to choose. Would they go for an adult, a young-adult or a small young?

‘’Let’s take that young-adult. He seems to be limping.’’, Calanthe said as she eyed one of the two young-adult boars. The one she had mentioned indeed seemed to limp slightly, and was on the outside of the group, grazing at the edge. ‘’They don’t suspect a thing. Let’s go now.’’
‘’Okay, I will go after it and try to exhaust it, you will then come around and help me bring it down. Stay in an ambush and wait for my signal.’’, the European wolf said and the Himalayan wolf huffed. She gave Sibír a quite nasty look with her dark yellow eyes. ‘’Yes, boss.’’, she responded in a sarcastic way.
Plenilunio was the opposite of Calanthe; he acted in a happy way and nodded his head up and down eagerly. It was like he couldn’t wait to begin the hunt. But of course, he probably liked that others gave him a task. Else he probably didn’t know what to do, and he seemed not to like knowing nothing.
‘’Okay guys, I will lead. Go ahead and find a place to hide, and I will give the signal once I’m close.’’

Plenilunio already went on his way, while Calanthe stayed behind for a moment. She seemed to doubt. But since Sibír had thought up this plan, and she probably wasn’t going to think of any plans herself, she decided to go after Plenilunio, but running on the other side. They disappeared out of sight, but Sibír still could smell their scents. Now it was time to start this hunt.
‘’Here we go…’’, he mumbled to encourage himself. He had never hunt on his own, at least never when his own family wasn’t around. This was his first time hunting without his birth pack, and thinking up a hunting plan himself.
The male with the caramel colored eyes started to sneak, getting closer to the boars that didn’t realize he was there, planning an attack on them. When he was close enough, his eyes focused on that one limping boar.
He let out a short but loud bark and went in for the attack, running at the limping creature with amazing speed. The boar looked up and started to run. The whole family group got separated, and each prey ran a different direction, leaving the small clearing.
But it was only that one young-adult the three wolves were after. And Sibír was now luring it into the trap.

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Re: Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

Post by Mikazaru on Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:31 pm

Chapter 6

The European wolf born in Siberia knew the dangers of the world he lived in very well, so he knew wild boars were quite dangerous, to be honest. They had tusks that could wound you pretty badly, and they were really fast as well.
But this didn’t stop the male from going after this prey they had chosen; a young wild boar that was limping a little. It was still pretty fast for a wounded animal, but not as fast as the healthy boars the three wolves had seen before.
The Himalayan wolf and the Iberian wolf were hiding in the shadows of the dark green trees, waiting for the European wolf to lure the boar into their trap.
And there he came, running after the wild boar. He barked, giving the two other wolves the sign to come out of the shadows. However, the boar seemed to have known about their plans and suddenly went left, going a WAY different direction than the three wolves had planned.
The Canis lupus lupus groaned and tried to stop, causing his sharp nails to pull up the grass behind him. he then went left as well, barking for the other male and the female to follow his lead.

The two wolves came out and ran after the male European wolf, trying to stay close to him. they had to think of something else quickly or this boar was going to escape. It was becoming a little tired, but it seemed to hold on for the worst of it.
‘’Keep running, it’s getting tired.’’, Sibír said, not glancing behind him to see of Calanthe and Plenilunio were there. He had already enough faith in them they would be there to help him. There was no way they could not have heard his sign.
‘’Let’s get it now!’’, Calanthe yelled back at the male, her stubborn attitude made Sibír groan again, and this time louder. He hoped she wouldn’t run past him to take down the boar by herself. Because that would mean failure, and then they would have to start over. And Sibír wasn’t planning in doing that. ‘’Sibír, what are you waiting for?’’, Calanthe asked again, but the European wolf didn’t listen. His caramel colored eyes were focused on the prey in front of them, and his mind was somewhere else. He hoped the boar wouldn’t turn around and try to string these three wolves to his tusk. That could cause them death in the worst case…

Suddenly the boar slowed down and Sibír eyes widened. The russet coated wolf with the creamy colored muzzle, chest and underbelly turned his head to warn the two behind him.
‘’He’s going to attack, avoid!’’, he said and he looked at the boar that had just turned around and was now speeding up again, coming their way. ‘’To the side!’’
Sibír jumped to the left and Calanthe went to the left as well, while Plenilunio went to the right. There appeared a small doorway in the middle and the boar ran all the way through it. It didn’t stop to turn back around and attack again but saw its chance and made his escape away from the three hunting wolves. ‘’Dang it… After it!’’
The three wolves turned around, this time with Calanthe in the front and Plenilunio in the middle, but Sibír was soon there to run past the male and end up next to the female. She avoided his gaze, having her dark yellow eyes focused on their prey.
The European wolf ran faster and ended up in front of Calanthe and in front of the whole hunting party once again. He was close to the young boar and close to snapping at the creature’s hind legs, trying to slow it down, or to cause it to stumble.
The boar however kept on running, even when Sibír could hear the roaring sounds of its pants. It was close to tiring, but it just didn’t give up. But this didn’t bother Sibír too much, because this boar would eventually become too exhausted to keep on going.

‘’We almost got it, keep on tiring it!’’, the russet colored wolf said and he snapped some more times at the boar’s hind legs, causing it to move a little bit to the side. But soon the animal recovered from the attack and returned to running in a steady pace. Even though it was limping, it was a pretty stubborn prey. Something boars were known for.
Sibír knew all about it, so he hadn’t expected this hunt to go all too smoothly. He wondered, however, if Calanthe and Plenilunio would be patient enough with bring down this creature. And what if they wouldn’t like the meat’s taste? Boar’s meat wasn’t all too tasty, so Calanthe and Plenilunio would surely blame Sibír for a bad catch in the end.
But Sibír didn’t care about the bad tasting boar meat; they needed food, and boar was food, after all. he didn’t care if they would blame him for a bad catch. At least he would enjoy to have a filled stomach again. But still, he wasn’t sure how these two would react to the bad taste. So he would just guess until that final moment.
‘’Wow, it’s really fast!’’
A voice made Sibír wake up from his daydream and he blinked his eyes, realizing he was yet still running after the boar. However, there was a slight gap appearing between the wolves and their prey. The European wolf had to speed up if he wanted to catch the animal and have a filled belly for today.

All of a sudden there was a loud bark from behind the European wolf and he looked behind to see… Plenilunio closing in?
What was the male doing? Was he planning on bringing down this boar on his own? It seemed like he was, as he was now running next to Sibír, his yellow eyes with hints of orange on the young boar. He already licked his lips and dashed forward.
Sibír had not yet seen him like this, and had not expected Plenilunio to act this way, as it was a pretty shy and lone wolf. It stunned the male so much that he stopped, almost causing the grey with golden coated female behind him to bump into him. Though, she avoided him just in time and stopped beside him, yelling a few words at him which Sibír did not hear clearly as he was watching the Iberian wolf chasing the boar.
The brown with dark brown wolf was closing in on the boar and bit its hind legs, causing the boar to stumble. The animal fell to the ground and Plenilunio went in for the attack. Sibír and Calanthe soon got back to their paws to help him.
But the two wolves came too late and the creature was already struggling out of the wolf’s grip, slamming his tusks into the brown male’s side. Plenilunio yelped and rolled to the ground, his eyes wide but not filled with pain; he luckily didn’t get hurt.
However, the boar had gotten back on its small hooves and ran away, escaped from the hunting party. It disappeared into the dark green pine tree forest and soon there was nothing left but the scent of the creature, still lingering around the area.

Both Calanthe and Sibír turned to the panting Plenilunio, who got up and immediately pulled back his ears as he watched the two coming closer. He took a few steps back and whimpered, avoiding their gazes.
‘’What the heck did you do!? You caused it to flee! Now we don’t have anything to eat!’’, Calanthe said angrily as Plenilunio kept on telling he was sorry. The female didn’t take his apology, sadly. ‘’Sib, say something!’’, she snarled angrily.
‘’Why didn’t you stay behind, and wait for the boar to get tired? It fled because you acted too roughly and went Straight in for the attack.’’, Sibír said. He agreed with Calanthe but didn’t want to hurt the male’s feelings, so he tried to speak as polite as possible. But yet, he felt quite fed up with the male already. ‘’We have to work together if we want to catch these animals. They’re not like mice or hares, they’re more like deer and elk; they are hard to catch when you’re on your own and they’re pretty dangerous. Keep your mind together, Plen.’’
‘’I’m sorry… I just got a bit impatient and I really wanted to help, so I went after it myself…’’, the Iberian wolf mumbled and Calanthe let out an irritated sigh. The European wolf gave the female Himalayan wolf a short glance before looking back at the male called Plenilunio.
‘’Make sure this won’t happen again, and next time remember to work together with us. Else you might not last long when we leave you behind…’’

Sibír said this to scare the Iberian wolf a little, and to keep him alert. It was not like he and Calanthe were planning on leaving him behind, but you never could be too certain. Because they always could lose each other in whatever situation possible, and Plenilunio needed to know the truth.
Better to begin with the truth than to wait till the worst of days. Something Sibír would remember in the future when hunting.
With whoever he would be hunting by then.

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Re: Wonders of Siberia - To Lake Baikal

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