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Claudius - The Young Warrior

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Claudius - The Young Warrior

Post by Claudius on Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:07 pm

|Tremble for yourself, my man,
|You know that you have seen this all before,

Name | Claudius
Nicknames | Claudy, Clauds
Name Pronounciation/Meaning | Claw-dee-uss, meaning "lame" in Latin
Age | 3
Gender | Male
Breed | Arctic/Timber Wolf

Tremble little lion man,|
You'll never settle any of your scores,|

| Lineart |

| Ref 1 | Ref 2 |  Ref 3 | Ref 4 | Ref 5 | Ref 6 | Ref 7 |

Coat |
Claudius has a medium length, rather thick coat. His coat is mostly pure white in colour, and some parts of his coat are brown. The tips of his ears, the tip of his tail, and both of his forelegs are this brown colour.
Eyes |
His eyes are a deep, sapphire like blue. His eyes are very expressive, and is how he conveys most of his emotion, as he prefers to keep his face as blank as possible.
Build |
He is a large wolf, heavily built, and stocky. He is a strong and muscly wolf, due to the training he did as a pup. In more recent years, however, he has put on some weight, and although it hasn't changed his appearance too greatly, he has become a little fat. He is not particularly fast, and is a very poor climber.
Scars |
He currently has no visible scars on his body. And he does have are hidden by his coat.

|Your grace is wasted in your face,

Claudius is an amiable, if occasionally gruff, wolf. He believes himself to be very witty and droll, though his jokes often fall flat. He isn’t the type of wolf to suffer fools gladly, and has little patience for those who annoy him.

He is a very good fighter, and enjoys the thrill of battle. However, he isn’t a very good hunter, and often catches easier prey for his meals. He is loyal, and he believes that once he makes a friend, they remain friends for life. Despite his loyalty and commitment, he can be lazy, and if there’s the slightest possibility of getting out of doing something he doesn’t want to do, he will get out of doing it.

He rarely shows his emotions, but will do so to his closest friends. Although it rarely shows, he can become moody, sulking and being in a foul mood until someone cheers him up. He enjoys making up riddles, and telling them to others, and likes to solve others riddles. Due to his size, he can be incredibly clumsy, tripping over and bumping into things. These sorts of incidents often lead to him placing the blame on whichever unfortunate inanimate object tripped him up, and will sometimes lead to him going into one of his aforementioned sulks. His voice is usually deep and gruff, though it can become comically high pitched when he's nervous or upset.

Claudius is also notoriously crude, carelessly breaking wind or making some dirty joke or another.

Your boldness stands alone among the wreck,|

Claudius was born to a royal pack of a European country. He is currently second in line to the throne, after his mother, the daughter of the current ruler. He was raised to be a tough warrior, but also to be a kind and gentle ruler.

As a pup, he was raised along with his two younger siblings, both of whom he loved deeply and spent much of his early life with, despite their constant teasing of him.

He got along very well with his mother and her family, and he adored and respected his father. His father taught him everything he needed to know about being a warrior, while his mother taught him about leadership. He is very grateful to both of them for shaping some of this personality.

When humans travelled close to the mountain where the pack lived, they were carrying a deadly disease: tuberculosis. Claudius' mother tried her best to save as many members of the pack as she could, but her mate, who had fallen sick at that point, told her to take their children and leave. So, leave she did.

On the journey, Claudius' siblings became sick. In order to save her healthy son and her brothers, who had came with them, she sent the three of them away, and Claudius never forgave his mother for forcing him to leave her alone with her dying children. He joined another pack with his uncles, until they, and the rest of the pack abandoned him.

He was later found, abandoned, by the Blacktalon pack, while they travelled. Agro took him and raised him, and also helped shape the wolf he came to be: noble, righteous, and a strong leader. As he got older, he also fell in love. His lover, Guinevere, left the guild after a time, and Claudius was once again left to grieve for his missing loved one. She left after becoming pregnant, and wanted to find a pack that didn't move around so she could raise her pups in the way she wanted.

When two pups were found by the guild, Claudius hoped they could be the pups he likely would never meet, but his laziness and general carefree nature turned them against him.

He continues to travel with the Blacktalon guild, as one of it's Meisters, and sees Agro not only as his closest friend, but also like a father.

|Now learn from your mother or else spend your days biting your own neck,

Grandfather | Gaius (Alive)
Grandmother | Serena (Alive)
Father | Taurus (Alive (Unknown to Claudius and his mother))
Mother | Ghost (Alive)
Brother | Jeremiah (Deceased)
Sister | Sophia (Deceased)
Son | Enjolras (Alive)
Step Father | Aerys (Deceased)
Half Sister | Vitani (Alive)
Half Brother | Orys (Alive)
Half Sister | Alice (Alive)
Uncle | Phantom (Alive)
Uncle | Spirit (Alive)
Aunt | Raven (Deceased)
Unle | Brenin (Deceased)
Aunt | Elaine (Deceased)
Uncle | Jonathan (Alive)
Aunt | Sapphira (Alive)
Cousin | Lothar (Alive)
Cousin | Brutus (Alive)
Cousin | Leif (Alive)
Cousin | Minerva (Alive)
Cousin | Morgana (Alive)
Cousin | Rick (Alive)
Cousin | Natasha (Alive)
Cousin | Pullo (Alive)
Cousin | Asha (Alive)
Cousin | Stannis (Alive)
Cousin | Reuben (Alive)
Cousin | Jet (Alive)
Cousin | Selene (Alive)
Cousin | Theo (Alive)
Great Aunt | Zira (Alive)
Great Uncle | Septimus (Deceased)

But it was not your fault but mine,|
And it was your heart on the line,|

Agro | Agro is a father figure to Claudius, as well as his best friend. He raised him after his uncles abandoned him. Claudius also feels the most loyal to Agro.

Aderyn | Claudius has liked and respected Aderyn since she joined the guild, and he is beginning to fall in love with her, but is nervous about proclaiming his feelings.

Damian | Claudius hoped to befriend Damian, but failed. The pup annoys him, and rarely responds to much the pup says when he is being cruel, though does answer his questions as least condescendingly as possible. He still hopes deep down that they can be friends.

Dakota | Like with Damian, he tried to befriend her and failed, however, unlike Damian, he doesn't feel that she'll ever warm to him. He finds her worse to be around than her brother.

Mikazaru | He became fast friends with Mikazaru, and helped him as best as he could when he first joined the guild.

Marina, Chance, Brave, Varien, Chanette, Jane, Vidocq, Reed | He is acquainted with these wolves, and he hopes to befriend them all.

|I really messed it up this time,

Theme Song | Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons [Click]
Voice | Jerome Flynn [Click]
Star Sign | Taurus
Favourite Colour | Orange
Scent | Earth
Hogwarts House | Gryffindor

Didn't I my dear?|

------ Character Stats ------
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 3
Strength: 7
Total: 15
-------- Talents List --------
Warrior, Swimmer, Speaker

Didn't I my dear...|

Post box codes (c) tru-vampyre

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Re: Claudius - The Young Warrior

Post by Marina on Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:58 pm

Oh Claudius, your bio is GLORRRRIIOUUUUUSS. So yellowy-orange, plus... Dat family tree. 

 Just wanted to admire it okbye

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Re: Claudius - The Young Warrior

Post by Claudius on Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:04 pm

(Only just seen this what)

Thanks Mari! And yup, he has quite the large family. XD


"Somehow I imagine that a movie about getting flushed down a toilet would make you really happy" ~ Marina

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Re: Claudius - The Young Warrior

Post by Sponsored content

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