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Aderyn Gweneth - The Happy Bird

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Aderyn Gweneth - The Happy Bird

Post by Aderyn on Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:44 pm


Aderyn Gweneth

Name Meaning
Aderyn (Bird)
Gweneth (Happiness/Fair/Blessed/White)

Name Pronunciation

Addy, Ads, Ada, Ader, Adders, Bird, Little Bird, Bird-Brain, Twp, Twpsyn, The Happy Bird

2 years 7 months

Timber Wolf/Eurasian Wolf Mix


Aderyn is definitely not the prettiest wolf around, her markings are too defined and contrast each other too much to blend in properly and look not natural. While being taller than a normal female (being about the height of an average male), she weighs a lot less than them, this is mainly due to her build and being genetically thinner than most wolves, she is not thin to the point where her bones stick out however. Due to her Eurasian Wolf heritage she is generally leaner, thinner and more slender compared to the main species of wolf, her legs are longer, paws are narrower as well as her muzzle and the insides of her ears are fluffier.

Aderyn generally resembles the Eurasian Wolf more than the Timber Wolf and she receives her rich brown colours and dark spine stripe marking from her Eurasian genes. The main colour of her coat is a pale russet-brown colour, which can look russet-red depending on the light. Her muzzle, cheeks, chest, underbelly, insides of her ears and underside of her tail are of a pale cream colour. The cream from her paws trails up the back of her legs along with a darker brown colour. Aderyn’s eyes are round, prominent and are a limey-green colour.

At first glance, Aderyn seems to be a very happy young wolf with an optimistic view on life. And that is quite true, Aderyn is a quite overzealous wolf who is normally always happy and a cheery mood, which often annoys others but can help her make friends extremely easily, depending on the type of wolf. Most of the time she is extremely forward and therefore more often that none expresses her opinions, especially if she doesn’t like a wolf, or their ideas.

When Aderyn is being described by someone to another, the most common phrase associated with  her is “simple-minded” or “mentally challenged”. This however, is not true, she only acts this way as she was the jester out of her litter and family so she always took it upon herself to try and make people laugh even if she looks the fool. Kindness is a thing that is embedded deep within Aderyn and she will always try to be nice and look like friend-material when she meets a new wolf, and if she likes you that kindness will continue to be showed. When Aderyn forms a friendship with someone, she will stay loyal to that wolf and believe that that friendship will be a lasting one.

If Aderyn does not like you and you spark an argument with her, she will undoubtedly yell right back at you with a fiery component of her personality. She will not hesitate to insult them and she will most probably have a good rant at them on why they’re wrong and just to spite them, as it is highly unlikely they will know what she is saying which usually infuriates them, she will rant at them in Welsh.

As Aderyn has always been the fastest wolf in her family she often believes that she is the fastest wolf out  of any group she’s in automatically. This then leads to her over-confident and forward personality traits, she is willing to admit that as she gets older she will become slower as it is natural so if a younger wolf claims they are faster she will often reply with; “not yet, but maybe when I’m older”.


Aderyn was born into a pack which was mainly family based in a litter of 7 along with her two brothers and four sisters. Aderyn was born as the second youngest in the litter and the fourth daughter in the litter, she inherited most of her mothers looks, especially the green eyes, but she also received the dark brown stripe on her back and ears from her father. Aderyn never particularly shared a common interest with the rest of her siblings so she was often classed as the outsider of her litter, always off doing her own thing,  but she was particularly close to her older sister Elain and her eldest brother Rhydian.

When given the option to leave at the age of one, she said no as she believed she had not learned everything she could from her pack yet. Her brother Cadoc and sisters; Seren, Mair and Elain however left. From the ages of five months to two years, she was taught how to look after herself and was trained in her skills of running and creeping about unseen by others. As well as looking after any new pups which  arrived in the pack, which were often her little cousins, which she absolutely adored.

At the age of two however she decided that it was time to strike out on her own away from her nice little home below the mountains. She travelled a long way and often had to steal from other packs and earned herself the name of ‘The Shadow Ghost’ a pretty lame title but at least she was recognised for her abilities.

At some point in the early stages of Winter she had stumbled upon the Guild and after some consideration she decided to stay with them. It was only supposed to be a temporary stay until Spring arrived, but throughout the course of Winter she went from a Lehrling to a Geselle and grew attached to the members of the Guild. Despite always saying she would leave at the end of Winter, she never did when Spring came around, unable to leave her new friends  behind. She has travelled with the Guild since then and hopes to do so for a long time to come.

Llinos (Greenfinch) - Mother
Pale brown with white markings. Pale green eyes.
Emyr (King) - Father
Dark brown with darker stripe along his back and ears. Amber eyes.

Rhydian (Dweller  by the River Crossing/Dweller) - Older Brother
Dark grey with darker ears and paler chest and underbelly. Amber eyes.
Seren (Star) - Older Sister
Creamy white with slightly darker colouring on her back. Blue eyes.
Mair (Mary/Bitter/Beloved/Rebelliousness/Wished for Child/Marine) - Older Sister
Dark brown with darker brown socks. Blue eyes.
Elain (Fawn) - Older Sister
Russet-brown with tan-cream and darker markings. Pale green eyes.
Almost identical to Aderyn.
Cadoc (Battle) - Older Brother
Pitch black. Red-golden eyes/amber.
Afanen (Raspberry) Younger Sister
Mottled brown. Amber eyes.


Rhosyn (Rose) - Paternal Grandmother
Golden with white slightly darker markings. Blue eyes.
Tristan (Noise) - Paternal Grandfather
Grey with darker markings. Amber eyes.
Afon (River) - Maternal Grandmother
White. Green eyes.
Caerwyn (Fortress) - Maternal Grandfather
Brown with paler markings. Dark blue eyes.

Meredydd (Great Lord) - Paternal Uncle
Eddie (Edward/Rich guard/Blessed) - Paternal Uncle (Through Briallen)
Dark golden-brown. Yellow eyes.
Alex (Alexander/Defending Man)- Maternal Uncle (Through Branwen)
Red-brown with darker and paler markings. Amber eyes.

Briallen (Primrose) - Paternal Aunt
Pale golden with white markings. Blue eyes.
Diana (Heavenly/Divine) - Paternal Aunt (Through Meredydd)
Black. Pale blue eyes.
Branwen (Beautiful Raven) - Maternal Aunt
Dark grey with paler markings. Green eyes.

Cousins - All are Unknown
Arianwen (Silver/White/Pure) - Maternal Cousin (Female)
Silvery-white. Dark green eyes.
Nia (Brightness) - Maternal Cousin (Female)
Pale ginger with darker markings. Dark blue eyes.
Rhian (Maiden) - Maternal Cousin (Female)
Reddish-brown with paler and darker markings. Yellow eyes.
Bedwyr (the name of one of the Knights of King Arthur) - Maternal Cousin (Male)
Dark reddish-brown with white markings. Pale green eyes.
Luc (Luke/Light) - Paternal Cousin (Male)
Pale golden. Blue eyes.
Jac (Jack/John/Graced) - Paternal Cousin (Male)
Dark grey almost black. Amber eyes.
Dai (David/Beloved) - Paternal Cousin (Male)
Brown with darker markings. Yellow eyes.
Ianto (Ieuan/Gift of God) - Paternal Cousin (Male)
Pale grey with darker markings. Dark blue eyes.
Tanwen (White Fire) - Paternal Cousin (Female)
White with grey markings. Amber-yellow eyes.


She maaayy have a teensy one on Claudius.


Pack Relationships

She isn’t particularly close to him, however she is grateful to him for allowing her to join the Guild and respects him greatly for his leadership skills.

At first, she thought that she may be able to befriend the pup as she usually had a good reputation with pups. However, when it was revealed he insulted everyone five seconds, a slight dislike grew in her heart. That was to become stronger when they were in the swamps and he began preaching on how he was fit to lead, how he would be leader after Agro and was better than the rest of them. She exploded at him and hasn’t spoken to him since, she wishes she would never have to again.

Aderyn has a slightly better relationship with Dakota than her brother and classes her as her banter buddy. During Bloomsday Dakota said that she was faster than Aderyn which made the older female laugh. She hopes to be able to mentor her when she is older on how to apply her  developing running skills in future.

Aderyn is acquainted with him and has spoken to him every so often and he seems a nice wolf. She often teases him due to how he acts around Marina and fully supports the idea of him and Marina getting together. Other than they would be totally cute together, it’d be more teasing material for her!

Aderyn has respected Claudius from the start of her stay in the Guild. At the start she was only acquainted with him often spending most of her time with her sister, but as time went on she began to speak to him more and more and now she classes him as a close friend of hers. Recently though, Marina has been teasing her about Claudius and her being together and she has found she’s gotten very flustered and embarrassed about the thought and is starting to believe she is developing a crush on him.

While only meeting not so long ago, these two are best friends. They often complain to each other about their surroundings, Aderyn also likes to have a good laugh with Marina and despite not knowing her long likes to think she’s the fifth sister she never had. Addy also loves to tease Marina about her relationship with Chance and in return Marina teases her back about Claudius which often results in Aderyn becoming embarrassed and she has had to hold back the urge of bowling her into the bushes and yelling at her to keep her muzzle shut. Besties as you can see.

Aderyn was the first one in the Guild to meet Mikazuru and instantly greeted him in a friendly manner. Aderyn likes to think that they are friends despite not having spoken very recently, and just like a lot of others she teases him too.

Ones Not Mentioned
She knows that they exist and who is who, yet she hasn’t had the time to get to know them at all yet. She hopes to do so soon however and become friends with them.

Star Sign - Scorpio
Favourite Colour - Blue
Birthday - October 24th
-Worried on how people will judge her by her accent as it is rather thick.

-----------Character Stats-----------
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 5
Strength: 2
                               Total: 10
Dasher, Shadow, Climber

Onto my RP post which will explain a lot of these things! Since we had a time skip

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Re: Aderyn Gweneth - The Happy Bird

Post by Marina on Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:49 pm

I love this bio so much. Those pictures xD and your family tree is even bigger than Claudius. 

 Also, a whole paragraph dedicated to Marina OH YEAAAH  Cool

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Re: Aderyn Gweneth - The Happy Bird

Post by Dakota on Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:48 pm

BANTER BUDDY! Heck yes :3 I love Addy, she's so quirky and awesome :3

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Re: Aderyn Gweneth - The Happy Bird

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