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The Bloody Bard Empty The Bloody Bard

Post by Agro on Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:16 pm

The Bloody Bard Agrotitle_zps5cc07081
Male | 7 Years | aka "The Bloody Bard"

The Bloody Bard Agroref_zps84e323c6


Agro is a big wolf, with a strong Mongolian bloodline. He has a heavy, golden colored coat with rust accent to it, and a creamy white underbelly. Agro has big paws, and ears that are knocked and look a bit chewed up. But there are but three aspects of this wolf's appearance that really stand out. The first is that he has no tail. There's a bit of fluff where one should be, but otherwise it appears to have been clipped clean off at one time. The second is that he has one eye. Across the left side of his face is a raking of scars, and a closed eyelid, making the brute appear to be constantly winking. It messes a little with his depth perception, but it too is an older injury that seems to be almost forgotten by the male. The final trait is his smile. His grin is so wide and so menacing that some wolves say he's got the teeth of another animal in there where a wolf's should be. His beaming grin is as much a part of his face as that eye used to be, and is often matched with a hearty, weezing laugh. Agro's voice is gravelly and often boomingly loud, and with speech alone he is able to leave some wolves quaking in fear. Of course, this also drives him into that characteristic laughter of his, which puts him in the spirit to sing.


Agro would be called a trickster, but such a title is usually reserved for the sly. Agro tends to jest, but makes little effort to sneak or take others by surprise. He has a big presence, and does little to hide it. Agro loves to sing, although he has little talent for it, and most consider it wise to either sing along or appreciate the melody. It is difficult to tell when the wolf is telling the truth or a tall tale, since he laughs heartily after each.

The only thing the wolf takes seriously is the Blacktalon Code. He considers duty and honor to be priority number one, even though his concept of "honor" may be somewhat skewed. Agro claims to have dozens of sons all over the world (never mentions any daughters, though) and almost always assumes upon a golden colored wolf of the proper age that he sired them if they can't name their father. Agro loves to fight as well, and doesn't even mind losing every once in a great while. He is a defender, both of those in need as well as the Blacktalon way of life. He seems to lack a lot of leadership qualities, since he is inherently a nonsense brute.


What is truth and what is fantasy about this wolf are impossible to discern. He never corrects facts, and upon the telling of each tale they seem to grow taller and taller. Agro has been a Blacktalon from the start, since when they were a traditional pack with a traditional alphess. One day, however, when their territory was ravaged, she led them out of it, through the tar lands and into the world. Since their pack had been decimated without so much as a yelp from neighboring packs, she swore that the newly dubbed Blacktalons (their feet blackened by tar) would defend all packs from such misfortune. Her wolves swore to follow her to the end.

However, perhaps the loss of her home, as well as the pack alpha, seemed to damage her soul, and she slipped into a sort of madness. While she still made rational decisions, her madness got the better of her, and she left the pack. Of course, always planning for the young leader's return, the pack never chose a new one, and began to refer to themselves as a guild, something she'd started a few weeks before her disappearance.

Agro earned his nickname soon after the formal formation of the Guild of Merry Mongrels. In a turf war the guild entered to help a small pack defend from an aggressor, Agro was lost and presumed dead. However, on the misty morning after the war, a singing carried over the field of battle, and Agro came forth, soaked in blood and tail-less, explaining that he traded his tail for the life of the brute he faced. After that day, even to the day he lost his eye, he sang after fights, and told great tales of the valor of his fallen comrades.

Mother: Gloria
Father: Dio
Elder Brothers: Leon, Lobo, Tiburon
Elder Sister: Cisne
Brother: Tank
Sister: Mana
Younger Sister: Scheherazade
Half-Brothers: Mephisto, Azazel, Callisto, Echthroi

------ Character Stats ------
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 4
Strength: 6
Total: 15
-------- Talents List --------
Warrior, Hunter, Storyteller

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The Bloody Bard Empty Re: The Bloody Bard

Post by Damian on Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:20 pm

Aggy!! I really love this character!!

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The Bloody Bard Empty Re: The Bloody Bard

Post by Dakota on Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:14 pm

Agro is amazing! I love his character! :3 I wonder why he never says anything about having daughters, but he does with sons? hmm Razz

Dakota doesn't even know Agro has sons. She thinks he's always been with the guild. Not time for any lovey/mushy stuff Razz

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The Bloody Bard Empty Re: The Bloody Bard

Post by Sponsored content

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