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Ghost - The White Princess

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Ghost - The White Princess

Post by Claudius on Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:11 pm

|I never felt like this before, 
|Try to hold it back and I feel it even more,

Name | Ghost
Nicknames | Ghosty
Age | 5
Gender | Female
Breed | Arctic Wolf

Sweat drips down my spine and my knees are weak,| 
I can not move, I can not speak,|

| Lineart | 
| Ref 1 | Ref 2 | Ref 3 |

Coat |
The majority of Ghost's coat is pure white. However, the tips of her ears, the tip of her tail, and two oval shaped patches on her flanks, are a medium grey. Her coat is long and thick.

Eyes |
Very much like her son, Ghost has light blue eyes, with green flecks in them. Her eyes are also the most expressible feature on her face. 

Build |
Ghost is small built, and is considerably smaller than her son. She is lighter too, and is a much better climber, and is also much better at running. However, her petite size gives her a somewhat fragile appearance, even though she is far from fragile.

Scars |
She doesn't have any visible scars, but there is a very small notch missing from her right ear.

|But then you came and I held it together again, 
|I managed to stumble through,

Ghost is an intelligent and ambitious wolf, and will do what she can to make her family secure. She is softly spoken, and gentle and kind towards those she cares about, which is usually only her children and a small group of her friends. To everyone else, she is informal and cordial. She is very knowledgeable about plants and herbs, which comes in useful on a regular basis, and considers herself to be a healer of sorts.

She can become aloof, and seemingly uncaring, though deep down, she does care, and just prefers not to show it. Although, she is usually quite amiable. She can become stubborn, especially when she believes that she is right. She can also seem a little conceited.

To those she is close to, she acts as a confidante of sorts, and is usually the wolf that her friends go to for advice. She enjoys fishing quite a fair amount, but strongly dislikes hunting, and would prefer to just run on the outlines and keep away from living prey as much as possible.

Fifty thousand voices singing in the rain,| 
There's nothing that I wouldn't do,|

Ghost was born into one of the royal packs of a European kingdom. She was the daughter of the King and Queen of that pack, and was the heir apparent to the throne. As a princess, she had a relatively easy life. She took a keen interest in herbs and plants, and was also very astute in the ways of the royal court. She was betrothed to a prince of one of the other kingdoms, and they eventually had three children together.

After an illness struck the pack, unknown to the wolves, but known to man as tuberculosis, left several wolves dead, she took her living family members away, including her two brothers and her three children. Her mate and parents and become too sick to travel, and her sister had already died. After they had left, the group separated. Her brothers and son, Claudius, left, and she continued with her two remaining pups, who had become sick on the journey. They both died shortly afterwards.

After they had died, Ghost travelled alone, until she came across another pack. They were ready to chase her away, until the leader's son, Aerys, came to her rescue. I order for her to stay there in safety, they became mates, and they had three pups together. 

It was an unhappy mateship: Ghost found Aerys to be arrogant and repulsive, despite the fact that she was besotted with her. Ghost's life in that pack would come to an end, however, when another pack invaded the territory, and Aerys was killed trying to defend it. Fleeing from the carnage with her children, Ghost managed to come across her first mate's brother, Jonathan. He had been travelling for several years, and knew nothing of what had happened in their old homeland, until Ghost told him. Knowing that her children would be safer with him, her three puppies went with him to live on his home, the Isle of Eagles.

Ghost then went in search of her one remaining child from her first mateship: Claudius. And she found him.

|'Cause I'd move mountains if you asked me to, 
|I'll swim the seven seas,

Father | Gaius (Alive)
Mother | Serena (Alive)
Once Mate | Taurus (Alive (Unknown to Ghost))
Son | Claudius (Alive)
Son | Jeremiah (Deceased)
Daughter | Sophia (Deceased)
Grandson | Enjolras (Alive)
Once Mate | Aerys (Deceased)
Daughter | Vitani (Alive)
Son | Orys (Alive)
Daughter | Alice (Alive)
Brother | Phantom (Alive)
Brother | Spirit (Alive)
Sister | Raven (Deceased)
Brother-in-law | Brenin (Deceased)
Sister-in-law | Elaine (Deceased)
Brother-in-law | Jonathan (Alive)
Sister-in-law | Sapphira (Alive)
Nephew | Lothar (Alive)
Nephew | Brutus (Alive)
Nephew | Leif (Alive)
Niece | Minerva (Alive)
Niece | Morgana (Alive)
Nephew | Rick (Alive)
Niece | Natasha (Alive)
Nephew | Pullo (Alive)
Niece | Asha (Alive)
Nephew | Stannis (Alive)
Nephew | Reuben (Alive)
Nephew | Jet (Alive)
Niece | Selene (Alive)
Nephew | Theo (Alive)
Aunt | Zira (Alive)
Uncle | Septimus (Deceased)   

I'll be the one to hold your torch again,| 
I'll do anything you asked of me,|

Claudius | Her relationship with her son is very strained, as he does not forgive her for making him leave his dying siblings with uncles who mistreated him. She does try to amend things with him, though.

|I never knew how proud I'd feel just standing in the rain,
|These three words mean everything to me and I'd sing it again and again,

Theme Song | Pride - Amy MacDonald [Click]
Voice | Janet McTeer [Click]
Star Sign | Scorpio
Favourite Colour | Pale Green
Scent | Pine Needles
Hogwarts House | Slytherin

'Cause I'd move mountains if you asked me to,| 
I'll swim the seven seas,|

------ Character Stats ------
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 3
Strength: 2
Total: 10
-------- Talents List --------
Healer, Speaker

| I'll be the one to hold your torch again, | 
| I'll do anything you asked of me... |

Post box codes (c) tru-vampyre

(Claud's mother joins us! Those who know her from previous packs will know that she's been changed quite a bit :3)


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Re: Ghost - The White Princess

Post by Marina on Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:24 pm


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Re: Ghost - The White Princess

Post by Mikazaru on Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:06 am

Oooh, we're gonna meet Claud's motherrrrrr. o;

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Re: Ghost - The White Princess

Post by Damian on Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:39 pm

Well, well, well looks arrived here. Razz

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Re: Ghost - The White Princess

Post by Claudius on Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:51 pm

Damian wrote:Well, well, well looks arrived here. Razz
Time to crash this party ;P


"Somehow I imagine that a movie about getting flushed down a toilet would make you really happy" ~ Marina

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Re: Ghost - The White Princess

Post by Sponsored content

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