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Designing a Character Empty Designing a Character

Post by Feros Ferio on Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:16 am

1. The Basics.
Every time you make a new character, you start with some pretty basic questions. What’s their name? Are they male or female? What do they look like? How old are they? The physical characteristics are the first thing someone will notice about your character. While the site does allow for some interesting physical quirks (unusually colored eyes or unique pelt markings) the wolves still need to be realistic. No giants, no wings, no horns, no pink fur. Easy, right?

2. The Inner Character
All characters on the site need to have a pretty well-fleshed out personality. Not only what do they act like, but what are their strengths and weaknesses? Their fears? Their quirks. No one’s perfect, and having a good start to a personality right off the get-go allows for some character growth and the ability to really make them come to life on the board.

The history is going to help a character’s personality develop. All characters need to have a history, even if it’s mundane or short. However, the more in-depth you get about their history, the richer the character becomes.

3. Skills and Talents
You will be asked in your application to give your wolf’s abilities and a short set of skills. You will be allotted 10 skill points to start to put into three categories: Intelligence, Speed, and Strength. You can allot them evenly, or put all your points in a single category. Below is an example of a stats table for an accepted Biography. Your application can and will be accepted without the stats and skills section, but as the site develops these will become important, so you will want to familiarize yourself with them.

------ Character Stats ------
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 3
Strength: 3
Total: 10
-------- Talents List --------
Scavenger, Storyteller

You will also be given the option to choose a number of talents based on the rank and age of your wolf:

Pup: 0 stat points, 0 talents
Juvenile: 10 stat points, 1 talent
Stranger (adult): 10 stat points, 2 talents
Lehrling: 10 stat points, 2 talents
Geselle: 10 stat points, 3 talents
Meister: 15 stat points, 3 talents

As they rank up or earn special privileges, they will be given the chance to choose more talents. The available talents are as follows:

Caregiver: You know just how to take care of pups and the sick, even if you have no herbal or physical knowledge. You can ease suffering and fear, merely keep pups in line.
Climber: This talent helps you be a climber, of tall rocks, out of dangerous pits, or even up into the branches of trees with some practice!
Dasher: You are one of the fastest of the fast, able to cover ground at incredible speeds. In a foot race, no one ever seems to beat you. (must have at least 5 points in Speed)
Fisher: You love to fish, and can catch big delicious meals from the river for you or your friends. Wolves without this ability rarely have luck when fishing.
Healer: Choosing the healer talent gives you a wide range of herbal knowledge and wolf first-aid. You can heal injuries and sickness if the symptoms haven’t brought them to the brink of death.(must have at least 5 points in intelligence)
Hunter: With this ability you can skillfully hunt larger game with others. In order to successfully bring down anything bigger than a rabbit, someone in the hunting party needs the Hunter talent. (must have at least 4 points in Strength and 4 points in Speed to choose this talent)
Scavenger: You don’t mind picking at the leavings of a better hunter. You have an edge in places with no game to speak of, like in the dead of winter or in dry climates. A hunting party with a scavenger in it will usually find something to eat, even if it’s not exactly a fresh kill.(must have at least 4 points in intelligence)
Seer: You are keenly aware of the world around you, and wolves rarely get the jump on you. Seers cannot be caught off guard by the shadow talent, and by those hiding in the bushes.
Shadow: You are silent and stealthy, able to sneak up on almost anyone, including prey. The only creature you can’t successfully spy on is the Seer. (must have at least 4 points in Speed)
Speaker: You inspire and motivate those who listen to you. Your speaking ability helps calm fears, or can be used to lie and deceive.
Storyteller: Your bardic knowledge of history and lore makes you a popular wolf. With this ability you know more about the history legend of the world around you.
Swimmer: Not even the swiftest current or coldest water deter you. Where other wolves would surely drown, you seem to have a blast splashing around and getting your feet wet. As a swimmer, you never have to worry about drowning where others are at risk. (must have at least 4 points in Strength)
Warrior: You are strong and fierce, and able to stand up to any threat. Choosing this talent gives you an edge in fights, and also makes you more intimidating (must have at least 5 points in Strength)
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Designing a Character Empty Re: Designing a Character

Post by AllyTheFireFox on Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:31 am

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