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History and Lore Empty History and Lore

Post by Feros Ferio on Tue May 21, 2013 12:09 am

In the Beginning....

Now, it's impossible to say what's true and what's not about the Blacktalons, seeing as most of 'em that know ain't talking about it. Some say the first batch of 'em came out of the ground like a whole new species, full grown warriors with more metal than blood flowing through them. Others say they're crooks, running from justice and trying to make up for what they done in the past.

But here's what I figure it was, and trust me, I got a reliable source: Long time ago, they were just a regular pack. Had a good alpha, who took a pretty she-wolf as an alphess. Good life, good territory, and growing numbers. Well, not long after the alphas took power, something awful happened in their packlands. I don't know if there was a fire, or a war, or some other unspeakable horror, but a lot of them wolves died, including the young alpha. It was up to his young bride to lead the wolves, and she took them clean out of the territory. The lady alphess had them go through what was known as the tar lands, since it was the safest route, but when they got to the other side they all had feet black as pitch. That's how folks say they got their nickname, the Blacktalons.

Now, there were packs around them, good strong ones that could've helped them out, rather than watch 'em go, but they stayed home and let the pack suffer. The lady alphess thought about revenge, but bless her heart she was tired of the suffering. So, she made all her packmates swear to do only good from now on, help wolves in need, and try to keep packs from suffering like theirs did. Of course, they all swore it.

Having no place to go, the pack began to wander the lands, helping out their brethren and having a merry time. However, the alphess was unhappy. Her love was dead, her pack in ruins, and her health deteriorating. She didn't eat, hardly slept, and seemed to be losing her mind. Finally, one night she called the wolves together, and made them take the Blacktalon Oath, which is still sworn by the wolves to this day. Having done so, she said she was going to bed, but instead she fled the pack and ain't been seen since.

Well, the wolves talked it over, and decided she was a good alphess who they couldn't replace. They decided to await her return, and said they wouldn't take no alpha until then. At that time they started calling themselves the Guild, and continued to follow their oath to defend and do good in the world.

Like I said, I don't know how much truth there is in all that, but it sure makes a pretty story to tell the youngins.
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