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Merry Meet Empty Merry Meet

Post by Jane on Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:55 pm


“Merry meet,” next wolf.

“Merry meet,”
next Wolf.

“Merry meet,” next wolf.

Damn this whole celebration, teenager Fallele thought to herself with a huff. Just because I’m the alpha’s daughter doesn’t mean I want to sit here and…

“Merry meet,” next wolf.

She could hardly take it any longer. Fallele was forced into this celebration every year on the summer solstice. She had to allow every single pack mate, and in some cases strangers, to touch their noses on either side of her face, all the while she was chanting “merry meet.”

This would continue until everyone had been merrily met, and Fallele could feel her temper rising with every damp touch of a nose on her face. By now, her cheeks where nearly dripping with nose moisture, and her voice had long ago reduced to a bland monotone. Her parents watched on her right hand side, keeping a seemingly genuine smile plastered to their faces. They knew their daughter hated greeting everyone into spring, but it was a tradition they were not ready to let go.

And so this ritual carried on for about an hour each year. An hour that the alphess-to-be would forever wish she could take back. She felt as if she could just doze into sleep…

But something caught her eye. A glint of light sparkling, perhaps? Her eyes darted around as another nose touched her face and she merely mumbled the damned phrase. She looked frantic for a moment, but she soon caught what it was.

Only three wolves away was a large, rather attractive brute. He wasn’t familiar, so Fallele guessed that he was a stranger wishing to join her pack. But the most interesting thing was what caught her eye. Draped around his broad neck was a small trinket that resembled a flame on a silver chain. It swayed back and forth, as did he, and Fallele took note of the content, almost mischievous expression he wore. It was absolutely endearing.

By the time this handsome wolfs turn was up, Fallele’s heart was beating out of her chest. Something about this stranger appealed to her greatly.  The skin under her fur turned a bright red as he gently touched his nose to her face.

“Merry meet,” she crooned, showing some emotion in her voice for the first time. Fallele battered her eyelashes, drinking in his features like the most intoxicating of wine.

“And wonderful to meet you, fine lady,” he winked back, catching Fallele off guard. He was the first one to respond to her, as it was forbidden to say anything back to the greeter in this celebration. She turned her gaze to her parents, but the two older alphas seemed not to notice, the smiles still plastered to their faces. But when Fallele turned back to see her new crush once more, he was gone. The next wolf stepped forwards.

“Merry meet…”

Just to clarify, this is before Jane was born. It is how Fallele, her mother, and Derec, her father (and the male with the fire charm), met. Enjoy~ c:

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