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Jeamesero Tamashi Empty Jeamesero Tamashi

Post by Mikazaru on Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:41 pm


Jeamesero Tamashi 2aakqht
Jeamesero Tamashi Rl99i1
…I can show you a smile, and have the most puppy-like eyes…

Basic information
Name: Jeamesero Rei Tamashi
Name origin: Japanese language
Nicknames: Jeames, Jeamez, Jeam, Jea and Ray (mostly Jea or Jeames)
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Hudson Bay wolf

------ Character Stats ------
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 3
Strength: 2
Total: 10
-------- Talents List --------

Healer, Scavenger


Jeamesero Tamashi 2n81le
Jeamesero Tamashi Depb1l
…I can turn my back on you and not care…

Inside information
Personality: The Hudson Bay wolf has three different personalities, this means you never know what will happen when you’re around him. It’s hard to keep his personalities separated at different times, so they can be subdivided in puppy-like, emotionless and anger.

* When being all puppy-like, Jeamesero is a happy wolf that can be found almost every minute of the day playing around or bouncing around just to lose his energy. He will always be joyful and try to get others to play with him, inviting them for games like hide and seek tag. He also will often ask other wolves to tell him stories. He’s two years old, but then he appears to be a yearling.
* When being emotionless, he appears older than he is, around the age of four or five. His intelligence also becomes more clear when he’s in this state of mind, not bothering to give anyone advice or solutions for their problems. When being in this state of mind, he hardly ever smiles, but neither does he ever appear annoyed or angry. It’s more like he’s always bored or lazy, and he will often just sit or lay somewhere and only watch others doing their thing.
* When being angry, this Hudson Bay wolf is not someone to mess around with. He always ends up snapping at others and yelling furiously. He can even end up drooling when someone tends to annoy him or call him rude names. When he acts like this it’s very hard to please him and he will have a hard time keeping control over his emotions and actions.

----- When he shows one of these personalities, don’t feel afraid to not hold back your opinion, because for some odd reason Jeamesero’s personalities change very quickly. When you say something, one moment he can be very angry, then in the next second he can accept it and move on like nothing has ever happened. Because every personality of his doesn’t know what happened to the personality before him…

History: It’s not really worth sharing, as Jeamesero doesn’t know what had happened with him during his past. He does know, but in three different kind of ways, as he has an Identity Disorder. So you should not believe anything he tells you, because it could as well br a lie believed by his other personality.

Strengths: Jeamesero is very wise and can come with a solution for pretty much any problem. This intelligence of his even seems to appear in his puppy-like state of mind, for example during a game of hide and seek.
Weaknesses: Jeamesero is one of the only wolves that cannot swim. He likes water but only when it’s shallow. Besides this, Jeamesero isn’t very fast, and neither that strong, so fighting won’t work for him even not when he’s in his angry state of mind.

Appearance: Jeamesero has a light brown coat which is rough to the touch. Still his hairs are pretty long to protect him from the cold, making him look slightly fat or muscled (whatever floats your boat).
Build: His tail is a little bit longer than the average tail of a wolf, around 70cm. His ears look a bit sharper than they should, a little bit like the ears of a Mexican wolf or a red wolf. And as said before, his coat is long but rough, making him look a bit fat/muscled.

Likes: Jeamesero had three different personalities, so it’s pretty hard to understand his likes. You can please him very easily or very hard.

* When being all puppy-like, Jeamesero likes to do almost anything. He then loves to play with others, be lazy and to listen to others stories. He sometimes might tell stories of his own, but he’s not really creative.
* In his emotionless state of mind it’s hard to see if he’s pleased with something or not, as Jeamesero’s eyes tell nothing at all. Then no one will ever know what he’s thinking or feeling, so he might as well like something, or hate something. He has the same opinions about everything.
* When in an angry state of mind, Jeamesero is never pleased, so he has nothing to like at all. the only thing he likes when being in this state of mind is when others leave him alone or mind their own business.
Dislikes: Again, this is hard to tell when Jeamesero has three different personalities, thanks to his Identity Disorder.
* Puppy-like, he doesn’t dislike anything, except for swimming. This because he can’t swim. And he also prefers warm weather over cold weather. Last and least he doesn’t like to be left alone when being in this state of mind, as he can feel alone pretty easily.
* It’s not sure if he has any dislikes, next to the likes, when Jeamesero shows no expression at all. when being in this state of mind, he doesn’t care about anything, he just does whatever floats his boat, so no one knows if he has any dislikes when being like this.
* When angry, almost anything is a dislike to him; company, talking, being ordered around or having to do stuff. He will hate traveling, swimming because he can’t swim and listening to stories because he’s not in the mood. When his angry personality appears, he’s no fun at all.

Extra information
Theme song: Demons by Imagine Dragons
Disorders: Identity Disorder (three different personalities)
Family: None anymore, he lost them all and he’s doesn’t know what has happened to them or where they’ve gone to. When being puppy-like, he might feel sad about this sometimes, but with his other two states of mind he doesn’t even care.
Mate: Nope
Crush: Nope
Pups: None

Jeamesero Tamashi Ftnblg
Jeamesero Tamashi O5pait
…Or I cannot care about you at all…

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Jeamesero Tamashi Empty Re: Jeamesero Tamashi

Post by Claudius on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:32 am

Jeamesero Tamashi Approvedimage_zpsdf21786d

Very interesting charrie! Can't wait to meet him. :3

Jeamesero Tamashi Final_10

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Jeamesero Tamashi Empty Re: Jeamesero Tamashi

Post by Damian on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:50 am

So curious about your dude!!! Sounds so interesting. BTW, love the pics. So cool!! :3


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Jeamesero Tamashi Empty Re: Jeamesero Tamashi

Post by Varien on Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:19 am

oh hey, a second character huh? i have heard a few times of Jea before but never realy saw the felow in action. cant wait to mee him in the rp, Varien wil most likely hate him and despite him, and he wouldnt like him around Mikazaru at all. (;

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Jeamesero Tamashi Empty Re: Jeamesero Tamashi

Post by Sponsored content

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